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Virtual PBX Review - Award Mortgage



  Award Mortgage


“MyNetFone gave us the flexibility that no other telco could. Being able to share phone lines between staff made the Virtual PBX a lot more affordable than the alternatives on the market.”

- Tony Lam, Award Mortgage


Virtual PBX Review - StarCare Dental



StarCare Dental Group - Virtual PBX phone system - MyNetFone customer review


“Our old phone system just couldn't keep up with call volumes. By switching to MyNetFone's Virtual PBX we've been able to use lots of great features that improve caller experience.”

- Kylie McCloy, StarCare Dental Group


SIP Trunking Review - Arndell Anglican College



Arndell Anglican College - MyNetFone SIP Trunking Customer Review


"We highly recommend MyNetFone SIP Trunking to other education providers... We've saved about 50% off of our monthly phone bill, the call quality is fantastic and the service we're getting is extraordinary!"  

- Rohan Smith, Arndell Anglican College


SIP Trunks for Microsoft Lync - St Mary's College



St Mary's College - MyNetFone SIP Trunking for Microsot Lync - Customer Review


"MyNetFone were the ideal telco partner for this complex project. The SIP transition and system integration ran smoothly ... and we now have a modern UC (Unified Communications) solution. "  

- Paul-John Stanners, St Mary's College


Virtual PBX & ADSL Review - Schiliro & Associates



MNSA - MyNetFone Customer Review


"We changed to MyNetFone when our old provider suddenly raised our office phone and internet costs. And we're glad we did. The switch is saving us about $24,000 a year!"

- Mark Schiliro, Schiliro & Assoc. Accounting




Virtual PBX & Softphone Review - HRMWeb



HRM Web - Virtual PBX & Softphones - Customer Review


"We're delighted with our modern phone and fax solution. We were able to upgrade seamlessly, without downtime. It was easy to deploy Virtual Fax and Virtual PBX with computer softphones."  

- James Nikolaidis, HRMWeb Consulting


Virtual PBX Review - FotoFast Brisbane



FotoFast Brisbane - Virtual PBX Review - Customer Review


"With the help of the MyNetFone support team we got setup pretty quickly... We were looking for a simple, powerful phone system, and that's what Virtual PBX is. "  

- Phil Gresham, FotoFast Brisbane


Virtual PBX Review - Price & Speed Containers



Price & Speed Containers - Virtual PBX Review - Customer Review


"We switched to Virtual PBX when we moved to our new office. The 20-line phone system was easy to setup. We transferred our numbers from our old Telco and added extra capacity for our growing team."  

- Andreas Strauss, Price & Speed Containers



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