Australia's largest IP voice network

With MyNetFone, your calls are delivered over our very own national voice network.

MyNetFone IP communications network in Australia and New Zealand

Purpose-built for IP communications (the future of business telephony) 

Modern and globally interconnected, our carrier-grade network is enhanced by toll fraud mitigation, SDN technology and robust international infrastructure.


MyNetFone voice services are delivered over our internet-based (IP) network, instead of old-fashioned phone lines. But there's no compromise. You enjoy complete fixed coverage of Australia, superior call quality and some of the best call rates around. The MyNetFone network is a smarter, more modern way to deliver your business communications.


Cost-savings and flexibility

Using IP means you can escape the high costs of traditional networks. MyNetFone business customers typically save up to 60% vs the traditional providers. And, even better, you're free of traditional network limits. For example, your phone and fax numbers are made geo-independant - so it's easy to bring your number when you move office.


Enable modern business technologies

Moreover, IP communications is the foundation of modern business communication services. With IP, you can replace old-fashioned technologies like on-premise PBXs, office fax machines, or ISDN phone lines. So your office is prepared for the NBN - and beyond.



MyNetFone IP communications network in Australia