Account Security


What is Toll Fraud? 

To the Telecommunications Fraud industry, phone hacking is more commonly referred to as ‘Toll Fraud’. It is a damaging act of fraud that impacts Australian businesses and companies worldwide. The impact sustained by victims of phone fraud is not only associated with monetary losses but it can also cause reputational damage.


What is a hacker? 

Hackers are fraudsters who are motivated by the thrill, notoriety gained, the challenge, or the simple matterof making money by gaining unauthorised access to your phone system, voicemail, VoIP or other communications systems. They are typically international hackers involved in organised crime.


Why do they do it? 

Toll fraud can be a lucrative business for a hacker, who can compromise an unprotected phone system or gain access to SIP registration information through your modem/router/VoIP adapter. Motives for this fraudulent act include call selling operations by organised crime; often to overseas numbers and to premium rate services.


Is my phone system secure?

Hardware and devices that you purchase from us have already been configured with some security settings in place. However, since some of the devices we sell are not locked devices, it is possible that you may accidentally put yourself at risk if you make changes to the configuration. Hardware and devices we ship come with instructions and advice about what you need to do to stay safe. We have information about Internet Security on our website. The Australian Cyber Security Centre have setup a website ( with free and paid tools to keep you computers clean.


Is my account secure?

MyNetFone operates secure data networks that are designed to protect your privacy and security. We are constantly reviewing and improving our practices and policies. However, this security only extends to things that are within our control. If a hacker has obtained you account or SIP details from your unsecure device or computer, we have no way of preventing them using your account. We do however, have systems to limit the total cost of the fraud.


Security Controls

MyNetFone has several features that can help you manage costs on your account. These include: 

  • Setting a limit on a single credit card transaction amount
  • Setting a limit on the number of credit card transactions per 30 day period
  • Restricting the number of credit cards that can be registered
  • An international call cap
  • Call Barring (block call category types; e.g. Block mobile calls, block international call, etc)

We have already applied some default settings on your account, but if you would like to change them or want to check what they are, contact us and our staff will assist you.


What should I do if I suspect someone is unlawfully using my service?

Contact us as soon as possible. We will help you to:

  • Change your account username and password
  • Change your VoIP password
  • Block/Bar international calls
  • Provide any details that you may need to give to Police or your Insurance company.


Who is responsible for the cost of unauthorised call charges?

Toll fraud results in unauthorised call charges billed directly to your telephone account. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your hardware. We strongly suggest that you read our information about Internet Security. If you need advice or information on security settings, please call our technical support team:


1300 733 995

or +61 2 8008 8000

or 181 (Free call from your MyNetFone service)


In accordance with our standard agreement with you, you are liable to MyNetfone for all charges incurred on your account. As a customer of MyNetFone you are accountable for any misuse, fraudulent or otherwise, of your hardware.