Is your business ready for the NBN?

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Business NBN questions? We can help: 


Is your business ready for the NBN? 

When can you get NBN?

If you don't already have NBN - it's coming soon. Our experts can check when your office will be eligible, and what kind of speeds will be available.


Are your office phones ready for the NBN? 

Will your phones work?

Your PBX and phone numbers may not work on the NBN. Can your business afford to lose calls? Learn how to get your office phone system ready for the NBN.


Is your fax machine ready for the NBN? 

Will your fax machine work?

Many fax, EFTPOS and HICAPs machines won't  function with NBN technology. Find out if your machines will work, and what alternatives are available.


Find out more about business NBN speeds and plans 

What speed can you get?

NBN speeds and plans can be confusing. Let us break it down without all the techy jargon. Find out what speed and inclusions will suit your business. 


How much will the NBN cost your business? 

How much will NBN cost?

NBN technologies may reduce your business telco bill. Understand setup costs, transition costs and find the right solution providers for your busines.


Find out when and where to start with business NBN 

When to start preparing?

Even if the NBN seems far away, it makes sense to plan ahead. You can start today. Get expert, no-obligation advice with your free NBN readiness assessment.



Assess your NBN readiness 

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