FREE comparison + FREE desk phones


How much could you save? Compare your business telco services before July 30 and you'll be eligible for free* desk phones.


Free handsets - EOFY special - Exclusive offer




To be eligible for this 'free handset' offer you must:

  • Register your details online via the MyNetFone business website, or over the phone, before July 30 2017
  • Sign up for Virtual PBX phone service on a 24 or 36 month contract
  • Be a new or recontracting customer


You will recieve:

  •  One basic desktop handset (valued at $189.95) included with every Virtual PBX phone line. 2 lines = 2 free handsets, 4 lines =  4 free handsets etc (up to a maximum of 50 free handsets).
  • You can choose to upgrade your handsets. The $189.95 handset value can be applied as a credit to reduce the cost of more expensive handset models, subject to approval by MyNetFone.
  • You may be separately charged for shipping and handling. This cost is variable depending upon your location.