Telephony for teams. Multi-line magic for business.




 Business phone solution for small teams using mobiles or single line telephone

Go beyond mobile

With separate staff lines or mobiles, it's impossible to manage calls as a team. But Virtual PBX brings everyone together, into a single, business-wide phone system.


 Cloud phone system as an alternative to traditional on-premise PBX

Avoid PBX pain

Phone systems can be costly to run and difficult to manage. But Virtual PBX gives you the savings and simplicity of the cloud. Manage everything online. No IT needed.


Scale without limits - Grow from 2 up to 30 lines, and beyond

From 2 - 50 staff

Start with 2 lines and scale to support 50+ users. Our unique line pooling technology eliminates 'per user' fees - providing deep discounts as you grow.


Present professionally any time you pick up the phone - Virtual PBX 

'Wow' your customers

Even the smallest team can sound like an ASX 200 company. Virtual PBX includes business-grade features that help your team present professionally.




Is your team ready for Virtual PBX?


The MyNetFone Virtual PBX phone system comes with 25 business-grade features. This includes team productivity features like call transfer, hunt groups and three-way calling.


Virtual PBX business phone system



Transfer calls with one-touch

Transfer calls to anyone, on any device


Say goodbye to fumbled handsets and promises to call back. Transfer calls to the right person, quickly and professionally, at the touch of a button.

Virtual PBX enables you to transfer calls to individual staff, or the members of a business team (eg. Sales, Accounts, Support). Calls may also be transferred to outside numbers, such as staff mobiles or home office landlines.


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Eliminate missed calls with Hunt Groups

Eliminate missed calls


Do customers hang up when they reach your voicemail? Do you have idle staff while calls are missed? Virtual PBX 'Hunt Groups' can help.  

When calls come into a Hunt Group, they will ring every member of a team, either one after the other (sequential ring) or all at the same time (simultaneous ring). If a staff member is already on the phone, the call will be directed to the next available line.


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Professional 'on hold' experience

Professional 'on hold' experience


When calls are 'on hold' or 'parked', Virtual PBX plays tasteful music that reassures callers they're still connected and enhances your professional image.

For a personal touch, you can choose to play a custom soundtrack or custom messages. Custom recordings are a great way to keep callers entertained and informed about your current products or promotions.


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3 way conference calling

Call a meeting, anywhere


For team meetings and presentations, 1-1 calling is not enough. That's why Virtual PBX includes three-way calling as standard.

3-way call staff extensions or outside lines (such as mobiles) at the touch of a button. For larger teams, our premium conferencing solution supports voice and video meetings with capacity for 1000+ participants.


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But wait, there's more

Team productivity features are just the start. Virtual PBX comes with a further 21 features such as Auto Attendant, Voicemail-to-Email and call reporting. Contact us for more information.



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