Virtual PBX special offer


Virtual PBX + Free handsets

Get a simple and easy switch over to Virtual PBX for your busy office. We provide personal, professional and responsive support for your migration, including free desk phones.

Our Virtual PBX includes helpful and useful features suitable to your needs and which allow your reception staff to direct calls quickly and effortlessly handle multiple calls at the same time. While useful system features let you control the flow of calls across your business.


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Make business simpler with useful features


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  • Easy, straightforward and free set up.
  • Plug and play handsets, our free handset comes pre-configured.
  • Put calls on hold, or Park and Pickup on another handset.
  • Receive Voicemail in an Email, for when you’re on the go.
  • Automate call flow with Auto Attendants to direct calls for you.


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This promotion is only available to new MyNetFone customers that sign up for the Virtual PBX service on a minimum 24 month contract. To be eligible for this promotion you must receive a proposal from a MyNetFone sales representative before 5.30pm on May 31, 2018.

This promotion includes a number of 'free' devices with free shipping, free service setup and free number porting. The promotion is subject to change without notice - and may be withheld at the discretion of Sales Representatives. 


How to claim this promotion

Enquire online (via the contact form on this page) or by calling 1300 733 995.

Once your requirements are confirmed, you will recieve a custom proposal - encompassing this promotion - for your Virtual PBX service. The proposal is valid for 30 days. 


General exclusions

This promotion is not available in conjunction with any other offer. It is not available to existing customers. It will not be available to customers after 5.30pm on May 31, 2018.


Free device

As part of this promotion, you can choose one 'free' device per line, the 'free' device is the Basic desk phone (Yealink T41)

Free devices are provided subject to stock availability. No rainchecks.


Device upgrades (promotional)

You may also choose to upgrade the 'free' devices by paying extra. This upgrade is done by a once-off, discounted payment available only at the time of original sign-up.

The 'upgraded' device replaces the 'free' device in your 'per line' inclusion. For example, if you have a 2 line plan, you may choose to upgrade one device and take the other device for free.

Available upgrades:

  • Gigabit desk phone (Yealink T42) - $40 upgrade; or
  • Professional desk phone (Yealink T46) - $140 upgrade

Upgraded devices are provided subject to stock availability. No rainchecks.


Free shipping

Any handsets which you have chosen as part of this promotion will be shipped to you for free. 'Upgraded' devices are considered to be part of the promotion. Free shipping is within Austalia only.

If you purchase additional devices or handset accessories which are not part of this promotion, we will calculate shipping at our usual rates. 


Additional devices and hardware accessories

Additional hardware (beyond the 'per line' inclusion) and any hardware accessories (such as conference phones or expansion modules) are sold at our usual retail price - without promotional incentive.



If you have questions about this promotion please contact our Sales staff on 1300 733 995. 




Save big with our special offer


Basic handset - Free with 36 month Virtual PBX plan

Basic desk phone (free)

Elegant desktop handset featuring a black-and-white screen, 12 line keys and a speakerphone.

Get a free basic handset for every line.

Get it for $189.95 free

with our limited time offer

  • HD voice calling
  • 6.85cm black & white screen
  • 2 x Ethernet ports
  • 12 x programmable keys
  • 2 x configurable lines


Looking for the best? Upgrade for less



Upgrade to a Gigabit desk phone

Gigabit desk phone

All the features and specs of the basic desktop phone, plus two high-speed Gigabit ethernet ports.


Upgrade for $229.95 $40



 Upgrade to a professional desk phone

Professional desk phone

All the features of the Gigabit desktop phone, plus a colour screen and 10 extra line keys. Ideal for receptionists.


Upgrade for $329.95 $140


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