VoiceLink - ISDN Replacement


Unlimited SIP Trunks. Unlimited Potential.

Old-fashioned ISDN services restrict your channel and call capacity, forcing you to pay more as you grow. But VoiceLink is different. You get unmetered inbound minutes, low outbound rates and as many SIP channels as your bandwidth can handle. 

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VoiceLink - Unlimited SIP Trunk channels to replace ISDN 30 phone services



Why choose VoiceLink SIP Trunks?



VoiceLink - Unlimited SIP Trunk channels to replace ISDN 30 phone services


Easy ISDN replacement

VoiceLink lets you to replace ISDN 30+ services with massively scalable (theoretically unlimited) SIP Trunks.

There is no compromise. You receive the same call quality and coverage. Plus, you retain key features like Caller Line Identification (CLI) and Direct Inward Dialling.



Reduce CAPEX when you switch to VoiceLink SIP Trunks


Low switching cost

No matter the size of your ISDN deployment, you can move to VoiceLink with minimal cost and disruption.

VoiceLink is interoperable with major PBX brands and UC platforms. Plus, you can use your own office handsets. And bring your phone numbers - for free. 



Unlimited SIP Trunks for business and enterprise


Unlimited lines / channels

With VoiceLink, your service costs are fixed. You won't pay extra if you add new lines or users. 

VoiceLink services are theoretically unlimited, and can be deployed at any scale. Your call capacity is restricted only by your bandwidth. So you have the freedom to grow.



Enjoy low outbound call rates with VoiceLink SIP Trunks


Low outbound rates

ISDN can be expensive - including high 'per minute' rates and nasty call connection charges.

With VoiceLink you'll get unmetered inbound calls, great value outbound rates, and no flagfall charges when you call Australian landlines or mobiles.


Only $49 / month


Unlimited channels. Unmetered inbound. Low outbound rates.



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Min cost: $1,764 (36 months). Critical Information Summary.



VoiceLink call rates


Local / National


Per call (untimed)

Australian mobile


Per minute (no flagfall)

13/1300 services


Per call (untimed)



From 1.9c

Per minute (no flagfall)

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Go unlimited with VoiceLink. Call 1300 733 995.



"VoiceLink is ideal for our Church office, which goes through periods of very high inbound call volume."

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