Virtual PBX call handling features




Popular features



Listen to office voicemail on the go. Have your voicemails automatically emailed to you as audio files (.WAV format).


Hunt group (team number)

Assign your staff to a particular group (eg. Sales team) and setup a number that rings all group members.



Greet callers with an interactive welcome menu (eg. Press 1 for Accounts, Press 2 for Sales). Also called an IVR.


3-way conference call

Setup a voice conference with two other participants. This feature is available via MyNetFone Yealink or Cisco handsets.


Divert to multiple numbers

Divert to a mobile, and optionally, setup a chain of diversions (to other mobiles and landlines) if that number rings out. 


BYO numbers - free

You won't lose your numbers when you switch. Transfer ('port') your numbers to MyNetFone, for free.


DIY online portal

Setup your features, add users and make changes in near real time. Our web-based portal gives you full control of your PBX.


Call logs (basic)

Plan and allocate resources with inbound and outbound call data. Know the source, duration, time and recipient every call.


Whitepages listing

Update your business phone number and office location in the whitepages. (Sensis listing fees may apply).


Plug-and-play handsets

Choose from our range of pre-configured handsets. Plug-and-play simplicity makes setup and relocation a breeze.





Increase productivity

Eliminate confusion and double-handling. Direct and manage calls like magic.


Call hold

Place calls on hold, and retrieve from hold, at the touch of a button. Callers hear 'hold' music until retrieved or transferred. 


Call transfer

Perform blind transfers (transferring calls without warning), attended transfers (with warning) and warm transfers. 

NB: Transfer capability depends on handset.

Call & message waiting

You'll hear a pattern of beeps when you have an incoming call, or a new voicemail message.


Staff extensions

Extensions are unique four-digit numbers (beginning with 2), enabling rapid transfer and inter-organisational dialling.


Do not disturb

If you need to take a break, DND lets you present a 'busy' tone. Incoming calls will go to voicemail or (if setup) redirected.


Call park & pickup

Need to take a call somewhere private? Simply 'park' the call and pick it up from a different office extension.


Call forwarding

When your line is busy, call forwarding directs your incoming calls to a different number (instead of voicemail).


Call mute

When something is better left unheard, press the 'mute' button so the person on the other end can't hear you.


Contact directory

Store contact names and numbers in your handset directory. (Contact names show up on caller ID).


Speed dial

Staff, suppliers, customers or local take-away: call your favourite numbers at the touch of a button.

NB: Functionality varies with handset.


Line monitoring

Set your phone keys to show the status of another user's line (available/ incoming / busy). Ideal for receptionists.


Remote call pickup

Intercept an incoming call going to another user. This feature is only available to users with the same VoIP account.



Reduce lost calls

Clever call flows to make the most of every customer contact. 


Never 'busy' phone line

Don't lose calls to the 'busy' tone. If your line is busy, calls can be setup to overflow to other lines and numbers.


Simultaneous / sequential ring

Create a custom ringing patterm. Have calls to ring a group of staff, either one-by-one, or all at the same time.

See also, Hunt Groups.


Time of day routing

Automatically direct calls, or play certain voicemail messages, based on the time / date the call is received.


State-based routing

Automatically route incoming calls to the appropriate regional office. Define routing by the State / Territory of the call.

NB: Routing setup fees may apply.



'Wow' your customers

Create a seamless, professional-sounding call experience


CLI overstamping (outgoing)

Have a selected landline number show as the caller ID whenever someone from your office calls outside the company. 


Show caller ID (incoming)

See who is calling before you pick up. 'ID' is only presented for contacts listed in your handset directory, and staff extensions.

See also, Phone Directory


Music on hold

Customise what music your callers hear while 'on hold'. Royalty-free classical music is included by default.


Ads on hold

Instead of music, use the time 'on hold' to market to your callers. (MyNetFone does not provide ad recording services).




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