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Enterprise collaboration via Microsoft Lync and MyNetFone SIP Trunking

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Microsoft Lync (2010 / 2013) is a software-based PBX and communications platform that is deeply integrated with the Microsoft enterprise product suite.

Lync is server-based software, requiring deployment and administration by an IT technician. It is typically used by government and enterprise



Enable Unified Communications with SIP Trunking and Microsoft Lync

Voice, video and more

Lync uses IP communication technology, via SIP Trunks, to deliver voice and video calls. The Lync platform can also be used to provide cloud services such as messaging.

Lync can be a data-intensive service, requiring a robust symmetrical internet connection. Accordingly, it is often enabled through MyNetFone ethernet broadband.



How to deploy Microsoft Lync with SIP Trunks


What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunks are digitial phone lines that connect your company’s Microsoft Lync Server  (2010 / 2013) to the MyNetFone IP communications network. By deploying  Lync through MyNetFone SIP Trunks, you can deliver cost-efficient two-way calling, and enable Lync's many Unified Communications (UC) features.


Why use SIP Trunks?

Microsoft Lync enables internal office calls to travel over your office ethernet or NBN internet connection. It also enables UC features, such as integration of Outlook contacts, click-and-call internal communications and other capabilities.

However, without a SIP Trunk, these features are not available on external calls, which will otherwise use a tranditional landline. That means every external call will incur a costly ISDN / PSTN connection fee. By contrast, IP communications can be up to 60% cheaper.


Certified interoperability

To ensure a smooth transition, choose a SIP Trunking service which has been formally tested for reliability and compatibility with Microsoft Lync. MyNetFone is one of only a handful of SIP Trunking providers worldwide to be officially certified to interwork with the Microsoft Lync Server 2010.

Furthermore, many customers have successfully deployed MyNetFone SIP Trunks with later editions: Lync 2013 and Skype for Business.


How to implement SIP Trunking

MyNetFone can provide technical assistance in the configuration of your SIP Trunk with Microsoft Lync 2010. However, to assist your pre-deployment planning, we recommend consulting the Microsoft Lync support resources:



How to connect Microsoft Lync (2010/ 2013) with MyNetFone SIP Trunks



Case study: St Mary's College


St Mary's College - MyNetFone SIP Trunking for Microsot Lync - Customer Review


Enabling enterprise innovation

Microsoft Lync is an essential piece of communications and collaboration software for St Mary's College in Hobart, Tasmania. Learn how MyNetFone assisted with this first-of-its-kind UC deployment.


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