Voice Access ADSL


Dedicated internet for IP communications

The Voice Access plan gives you a separate, dedicated internet connection, solely for your Virtual PBX or SIP Trunk phone calls.

Typically, IP phone calls and data are delivered over the same connection. If you get lots of calls, your internet speed can be affected. So by separating your voice and data services, Voice Access ensures you have ample bandwidth for all your needs.

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Voice Access ADSL2+ internet plan for high quality IP Communications



Why choose the Voice Access plan?


 Voice Access ADSL2+ can support up to 8 IP communications lines / channels

Scale your PBX

Don't be held back by limited ADSL bandwidth. Grow your phone system - from 2 up to 8 phone lines. 


 Voice Access is a low-cost solution that makes the most of ADSL connectivity

Reduce costs

Delivered over ADSL, Voice Access is a fraction of the cost of alternative technologies like NBN or Ethernet.


 Quality of Service (QoS) available with voice and data service bundles

Enhance call quality

Business-grade Quality of Service (QoS) optimisation means you enjoy clear, reliable call quality.


Only $39.95 / month


Unlimited 256Kbps ADSL. Optimised for MyNetFone voice traffic.  


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Min: $1057.80 (24 months). Critical information summary.


"The Voice Access plan lets us send our IP calls over a separate data tail - keeping the office internet free for day-to-day use." 


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The Voice Access service is only available to MyNetFone Virtual PBX, SIP Trunking or VoiceLink customers. It is not sold stand-alone.