4G Business Continuity

Finally, a business-grade solution for internet outages

Internet and IP telephony are vital for small business. Protect your communications against internet drop outs, authentication errors and other service interruptions.

MyNetFone Business Continuity is a business-grade solution for communications peace of mind. If your main internet link goes down, your Premium Router automatically detects the outage and falls back to 4G, enabling seamless business continuity.


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Business continuity provides protection for your business against internet outages.


4G back up in case the internet goes down.

Ditch the dongle

Many businesses don't realise they're relying on residential-grade backup devices. These devices may lack up-to-date firmware and vital features such as Network Quality Analysis (NQA), Quality of Service (QoS) or secure data encryption. MyNetFone Business Continuity gives you all this, and more.

Why risk your business with residential-grade technology? Get a truly business-grade 4G backup solution with enhanced security and enterprise-grade reliability. Your livelihood deserves nothing less. 


The Business Continuity solution includes:


Ethernet, NBN and ADSL available as part of your business continuity solution


Add 4G Business Continuity to any MyNetFone internet service. Choose from high-speed Ethernet, NBN or ADSL.

High-quality and business level router for your busy, modern office.

Premium Router

Your solution includes a Premium Router with 4G backup, enhanced security and advanced networking features.

Comes with a MyNetFone data-only SIM to back up your regular internet in case of interruption or authentication error.

4G Backup

Choose a MyNetFone Business data-only SIM and enable seamless failover to 4G when an outage occurs.

An extended warranty on the premium router to protection against faults.

Extended Warranty

For complete peace of mind, your Premium Router includes an extended warranty for the life of your contract.


Optional add-ons for a more comprehensive communications system


Upgrade your phone to the virtual cloud to save cost and future-proof your business communications.

Cloud Phone

Keep your phones ringing even while your main internet is down.2 Make and receive landline calls via 4G, or divert office calls to your mobile device.

Optional: Add-on for a bundle discount.


Bring your fax into the modern business age while keeping your valuable fax number.

Virtual Fax

Don't let an internet outage disrupt document transmission. Virtual Fax lets you send and receive faxes via email or the web using 4G.

Optional: Add-on for a bundle discount.


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1 4G SIM is not built-in: For the 4G failover to work, SIM must be active and inserted into the Premium Router. Typical 4G download speed is 2-50Mbps, upload speed is 1-10Mbps. 2 Business Continuity is not compatible with MyNetFone SIP Trunks.

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