Business number porting


BYO phone numbers - for free

Keep your existing business numbers. The number transfer process (called Number Porting) ensures service continuity when you switch providers or move office. 

With MyNetFone, porting is usually free. When you join MyNetFone you can bring over your helplines, extensions and other office numbers at no extra cost.

Port your numbers for free

Number porting for business and enterprise - BYO numbers for free



BYO numbers in 3 easy steps


Call 1300 733 995 to coordinate your business Number Port

1. Call 1300 733 995

Number porting can be tricky. So before you do anything, call us for a no-obligation phone consultation. 



Number porting forms - We make it easy to bring your phone, fax and inbound numbers to MyNetFone

2. A little paperwork

When you're ready, simply complete our porting authority form and send us a copy of your latest phone bill.



BYO numbers - Business phone and fax number porting

3. Relax - we're on it

We'lll take care of all the technical details, and notify you when your number porting is complete.




Download and complete the porting authority form



Download form (PDF)

Or call 1300 733 995