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Today, enterprise communications requires more than a one-size-fits-all solution. That's why we work with you, to understand your organisational needs, and tailor our voice and collaboration services to your unique requirements.

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Enterprise and Government telephony from MyNetFone



Enterprise-grade telephony and collaboration


Enterprise and Government telephony from MyNetFone


Our innovative technologies enable any phone system to work with the NBN and IP communications. Keep your existing phone system, or move to a hosted Virtual PBX.


Enterprise and Government fax solutions from MyNetFone

Enterprise Fax

With MyNetFone, you can directly replace your traditional fax service with a modern, cloud-based fax solution that is secure, flexible and scalable.


Enterprise and Government voice conferencing from MyNetFone


Enable inter-office collaboration through voice and video. Our clever conferencing solutions are built for enterprise scale and performance.


Enterprise and Government SMS solutions from MyNetFone

Enterprise SMS

Engage your customers or constituents with bulk SMS communications. Our web-based SMS tool makes it easy to manage mission-critical text messaging.



About MyNetFone

Innovative, new-generation telco

In Australia, 1 in 5 calls are delivered on the MyNetFone network. It is the largest IP voice network in the country. Our network delivers voice and communications services to over 100,000+ customers, including global brands and government departments.


Part of the MNF Group

Founded in 2004, we're part of the publicly-listed MNF Group (ASX: MNF) headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The MNF Group has been consistently recognised for technology innovation and business excellence, including recent awards from Forbes and BRW.


About MyNetFone


Learn more about the MyNetFone Australia and New Zealand network


Advanced tools for access, insight and control



Network assurance tool for enterprise voice and data monitoring

Network assurance

Our assurance tool gives you visibility of the voice and data networks that underpin your communication services. (Even networks operated by your other providers).

It enables your team to monitor, measure and report on network quality indicators - such as packet loss and jitter - in real time. So you can pinpoint network issues long before they become support tickets.


Pulse - Advanced call management tool for enterprise call centres

Call management

Pulse is our advanced call management tool that lets you configure call routing on the fly. It is recommended for enterprise contact centres and large offices.

With Pulse you can create complex call routing, such as SZU-based overflows, in just a few clicks. Routing can be controlled manually, or automated based upon rules and conditions that you configure.



Embrace the future - at your own pace


IP communications

Smooth transition to IP & NBN

MyNetFone is your partner for the IP / NBN transition. We understand the complexities of deploying new communications technology in large and complex organisations. Our tailored, collaborative approach gives you the flexibility and control to ensure a smooth, gradual transition.


Flexible solution options

The MyNetFone product suite enables you to substitute traditional (PSTN / TDM / ISDN) communication services for our equivalent, future-proof alternatives. But there is no need to replace everthing on day one.

We'll work with you to create a transition plan. You have the option to use your existing phone systems, fax machines and network equipment. You can also keep the same phone and fax numbers. In time, you can roll out more modern services which deliver cost-savings and new capability.


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Case study: Tasmanian Government


Enterprise case study - Tasmanian Government project


In July 2012, the Tasmanian Government selected MyNetFone to supply voice carriage services for the state. The Government left the traditional incumbent telco behind, and transitioned to next-generation IP communications technology. 

MyNetFone worked closely with the Government to create a tailored communications solution and assist in the transition to IP communications. Principally, SIP Trunks were used to extend IP communication services to employees in all offices, including regional and remote locations. This helped the Government enhance customer service levels and productivity throughout the state.


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