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Does your business struggle with rising phone costs?

You're not alone. Telephone services are one of the biggest fixed costs for small business. And, if your phone is provided by one of the big telcos - chances are, you're paying too much


Case Study: Business Bill Shock

Practice manager of StarCare Dental Specialists, Kylie McCloy, was growing sick and tired of her aging business phone system. She was frustrated with the limitations on call features and was anxious about losing productivity due to missed phone calls.

Worse, the old phone system locked their business into an expensive service contract, with high call rates. And as the business grew, monthly phone bills had skyrocketed.

Kylie realised, she had no choice but to search for an alternative phone provider. She needed to reduce phone costs, and soon. Moreover, she knew she needed an efficient solution with features that could help reduce missed calls, improve patient service and scale up (inexpensively), alongside the business.


"With our old phone system we were spending lots of money just to get a basic phone that rings... Now, we have multiple lines, loads of extra features, and we've reduced our overall spend."


Despite the costs and technical pain, Kylie was concerned about moving away from the big telco that had always provided her office phone service. Would a lower phone bill mean lower quality? Would she have to deal with frustrating overseas customer service? Surely there were hidden costs and gotchas?

But her woes were solved with a single phone call to MyNetFone. 


MyNetFone = Business Savings

Today, StarCare runs a complete, multi-line office phone system in the cloud. Kylie was able to get rid of the old phone system that held them back. (And she was able to setup and manage their new phone system without IT!)

StarCare has all but eliminated missed calls by using advanced routing features to divert calls until they're answered. They're also able to handle calls seamlessly, simply transferring or placing callers on hold at the touch of a button. Customers now comment on their professional presence and customer service.

With this new cloud-based solution from MyNetFone, StarCare Dental Specialists have reduced their monthly phone bills by 50%.


How does your phone system compare?

Are you looking for an affordable, powerful business phone system? Download the StarCare Case Study to find out more about their money-saving phone solution...


Dentist Office Phone System - MyNetFone


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Case study: Fed up with their clunky old phone system and rising phone bill, StarCar Dental knew it was time to move away from their long time telco. 

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