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Yealink video phone



Position your business at the forefront of innovation with our latest Virtual PBX handset, the sleek and sophisticated Yealink IP Video Phone.

Is it time for an upgrade? Here's 7 reasons you'll want this cutting-edge device on your desk:



Yealink IP video phone

1. Premium specs 

Experience premium quality communications with our most advanced handset yet. Bask in the glory of an eight-inch colour LCD touch screen, experience the clarity of Optima HD voice technology (with 360-degree pickup) and work smarter with features like mobile pairing and video calling. Plus, you can be anywhere, in an instant, with HD voice and video calling at your fingertips.

2. Video conferencing for small business 

Video conferencing is a fast and convenient method of staying in contact with colleagues, customers or other important stakeholders. But, for many small businesses, the cost and complexity of video conferencing solutions puts these benefits out of reach.

The Yealink IP Video Phone gives you a lightweight HD video conferencing solution, for a fraction of the price of dedicated video conferencing services. This modest handset packs a powerful punch. It has the capability to support a 5-way multimedia conference (3x video call participants + 2x voice call participants). Plus, voice and video calls are delivered in glorious High Definition.

Video conferencing works with any SIP-based video handset or video-capable softphone using the MyNetFone network. That makes it perfect for calling and conferencing between offices.

3. Boardroom conferencing

This handset was designed with flexibility in mind, with a range of add-ons that extend its use within the office. You’re not limited to the 8-inch LCD screen. The inbuilt HDMI port allows you to display incoming video on a separate monitor or television. And the detachable camera can be easily repositioned to capture an entire room full of people - turning the handset into its own boardroom conferencing solution.

Need to keep notes on important meetings? It’s easy with the Yealink IP Video Phone. Simply insert a USB hard drive to record and save your conference audio (as a .WAV file).

4. Free on-net video calls

The Yealink IP video phone is perfect for controlling costs in today’s distributed workforce. On the MyNetFone network, your video calls are free. You can video call between interstate offices, home offices or video-capable softphones – and talk as long as you like – for free.

Free video calls are available to anyone using a SIP-based video calling device on the MyNetFone network. If you call outside the MyNetFone network, calls are charged at standard rates. Video calling is not compatible with mobile chat services like FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts.

5. Connect via WiFi or Gigabit Ethernet

Choose the connection that’s right for you. The handset has dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, which operate at around ten times the speed of regular Ethernet for high-bandwidth media exchange.

Or go wireless, the built-in Wi-Fi connection allows you to make video calls from anywhere. Just plug the handset to power and you’re good to go.

6. Sync mobile contacts and calls

When you’re in the office, you can combine your mobile and desktop phone to easily manage your calls. Bluetooth functionality allows you to answer incoming mobile calls directly from your Yealink IP Video Handset. You can also use Bluetooth to synchronise contacts from your smartphone, saving you the headache on manual entry.

If you like to walk and talk, you can use a wireless Bluetooth earpiece with your unit, leaving you free to perambulate while you pontificate. 

7. Easy to use and customise

Forget tiny keys and frustrating menus. The phone’s notification and control centre can be accessed with the touch of a button, and the LCD touch screen comes with a full on-screen keyboard for easy operation. When not in use, you can remove the detachable touch screen and use the phone as a basic audio handset.

For the ultimate in branding, we recommend personalising your new handset by uploading your own custom background (such as a company logo) as the phone wallpaper.


Buy it now

The Yealink IP video phone is available for immediate purchase.

Priced at less than 1/10th the cost of a typical video conferencing solution, this high-tech handset is an affordable way to introduce video conferencing to your distributed organisation.

To purchase the Yealink IP video phone, enquire online or call 1300 733 995.