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Business Phone System Comparison


Answer different numbers in different ways. Setup your phone system with separate lines and CLI overstamping so you can choose which number you dial out from and answer different inbound calls depending on the number dialled.



It’s not uncommon for multiple businesses to operate from the one office. Sometimes dual businesses even operate from the same workstation and desktop. In these situations the proprietor juggling both organisations can configure multiple numbers to the one handset, so both businesses can be contacted at the same place - without the need for multiple phones.

Let’s say you’re operating a horse vet and glue-making business from the same location, but want to separate incoming and outbound calls appropriately. The person answering the phone can identify which side of the business is being contacted on the handset’s display screen, and answer the phone accordingly.

When making outbound calls, CLI overstamping lets you choose which of your numbers will be shown on the other end. You can easily change between your preconfigured numbers depending on which business or business department you want to represent.

All handsets offered by MyNetFone can be configured to allow multiple lines from the one phone. This ranges from 2 to 8 numbers depending on the device you’re using.

Below is a quick guide on which handsets enable how many lines:



Yealink SIP-T41S

2 x Configurable lines



Yealink SIP-T42S

2 x Configurable lines



Yealink SIP-T46S

4 x Configurable lines




8 x Configurable lines



If you're wrangling multiple businesses from the one office or want to manage different business divisions from the one phone, speak to one of our team about configuring multiple lines to the one handset on 1300 733 995.


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