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We've taken the hard work out of shopping around for a business communications solution. Compare the top 6 cloud phone systems in Australia in this free comparison guide.


Take the pain out of shopping for a business phone


Bringing a hosted phone system to your business should be an exciting time. You’re either upgrading from a landline or mobile, which means your business is growing. Or you’re transitioning from an old on-site PBX, which means your phone system will soon be much easier to manage. Either way, you’ll be drastically improving your business communications. 

However, shopping around can be stressful.


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It seems every provider prices their products differently. Some charge per user, others charge per feature. It’s almost impossible to get a direct comparison and find out which option would suit your business best. And there’s all that jargon and acronyms the big telco’s use: PABX, hunt groups, SIP, porting, DID, call concurrency – it’s hard to know what you’re really paying for. If you’re not careful, you could end up with costly, gimmicky tech that you don’t really need.

You can spend months researching the different options until you’re comfortable you’ve found the right one. Or worse, choose the first one you find and realise soon into your 24-month contract that you’ve made the wrong decision. 


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That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you in this detailed comparison guide. We line up the top 6 cloud phone systems on an even playing field so you can make an informed decision on which one is right for you.

We give you the facts: comparing key features, prices and inclusions with plenty of links and details to guide your continued search.


Did you know? 


The best value phone system for 2 staff is different to that of 4 staff.

It’s important to be aware of how your costs will change as your business grows. You will have to take future growth into account when making your decision.

Many providers resell you software from third parties.

This results in the provider passing on the cost to their customers when they want to use more features. Providers who create and own the software can give their customers unlimited access. 

Some telcos will charge you to bring existing numbers with you.

Before you’ve even started making calls, your provider could be fleecing you for porting the business phone number your customers are familiar with.


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