When will I receive the NBN? Wednesday 23 May 2018 @ 11:04

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NBN Co has updated the searchable coverage map to align with its three-year rollout plan. Find out when the NBN is coming to your street and what technology will be used.



The NBN Co recently updated its rollout coverage map to give Australian businesses and residents a better idea of when the NBN will be reaching their street and what access technology is expected to be used.

Before the revision, the coverage map could only indiacte whether an NBN connection was 'available' or 'not available'. Now users will receive a predicted timeframe for connection in their area as well as what stage the rollout is currently in (service available, planned, build-commenced, etc).

There are currently 6.6 million premises ready for an NBN connection with 3.9 million of those actively using a service. 

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