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Which features do you use? We've crunched the numbers to find the most popular Virtual PBX features as selected by our customers.



The features that accompany a hosted phone system are designed to make business communications easier. They can streamline inbound enquiries, help you present more professionally and even save you the headache of hiring and training extra administrative staff.

Auto-attendants can save you hiring and training extra staff.

Some features are a part of the service itself, and so are applied by default. Line pooling, call logs and music-on-hold are ready to use once set-up is complete. Other features like the auto-attendant (see best practices for setting up an auto-attendant) need to be set-up manually as they’re programmed specifically to fit your business requirements.

For many business owners and managers, setting up these ‘elected’ features isn’t always a priority. Many feel like they don’t have the time, or that they simply lack the technical know-how to set them up. Don’t fear! Setting up these features is easy and can be done in minutes.

In fact, the majority of Virtual PBX customers are taking advantage of these elected features. In total, 70% of Virtual PBX customers have set-up one or more optional features to accompany their service.

Top 3 Most Popular Features of a Business Phone System

MyNetFone has a large pool of loyal Virtual PBX customers, and with them some interesting data on how these elected features are used. We’ve crunched the numbers and determined the top 3 most popular features (as well as a few other interesting insights).

Keep in mind the following data is looking specifically at the 70% of customers who use elected features, not all Virtual PBX customers. First off - which feature is the most popular?

And the winner for most popular feature in a Vitual PBX is…

1. Hunt-group

The humble hunt-group is the outstanding winner, with 97% of those Virtual PBX customers using the feature. And while a lot of customers use the hunt-group in conjunction with other features, around half of customers use the hunt-group as the sole feature of their phone system. 

  • Hunt Groups allow the hosted phone system to ‘hunt’ staff by directing an incoming phone call to different handsets until the call is answered. One phone system can have multiple hunt-groups that can be interchanged as desired.

2. Time-of-day routing

Coming in second place with 33% was the time-of-day routing feature. This feature is particularly popular when used in conjunction with a hunt-group. Of customers using only two features with their Virtual PBX, 60% of those chose a hunt-group/time-of-day combination.

  • Time-of-day routing lets you create a set of ‘rules’ that incoming calls must abide by. These rules will change automatically depending on the time of day. This allows a business to direct incoming calls to office desktop handsets during office hours and then automatically switch to a message service or redirect to your mobile phone outside of office hours.


3. Auto-attendant

Just behind the hunt group on 27%, was the auto-attendant. There were a few customers who only used the auto-attendant feature, however it was much more popular when used in conjunction with hunt-groups. 40% of customers using two features opted for an auto-attendant/hunt-group combination.

  • The auto-attendant or virtual receptionist is a customisable voice menu that manages your incoming calls and directs them to the right department. Eg Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Accounts. Save your time and resources by directing enquiries to where they need to go, and help your business present more professionally to the public.


Business Phone System Features: How many do you do?

MyNetFone offers customers unlimited access to its features (other providers will often charge you for additional features used). This allows Virtual PBX users to create as many hunt-groups, auto-attendants and time-of-day route paths as they need.

Customers using 1 type of feature

Customers only using the hunt-group feature would generally only use 1 (39%), 2 (23%), or 3 hunt-groups (14%) with their service.

Customers using 2 types of features

Customers using 2 features (either hunt-group/auto-attendant or hunt-group/time-of-day routing combinations) would on average use 6 hunt-groups to every 1 auto-attendant or time-of-day route path.

Customers using 3 types of features

Customers using the 3 most popular features all together used an average of 11 hunt-groups, 2 auto-attendants and 3 time-of-day route paths. This goes to show that businesses who enabled different features, also made use of multiple of the same feature. Overall, 10% of customers utilised all three of the most popular features using hunt-groups, auto-attendants and time-of-day routing together.

The MyNetFone Virtual PBX comes with a total of 30 business-grade features designed to make life easier for business owners. Check out the full range of Virtual PBX features here, or if you’re in the market for a hosted phone system, we’ve stacked up the top 6 phone providers against each other in this FREE comparison guide.