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Business Phone System Comparison


Phone calls are one of the most personal means of communication a customer can have with a business. So it’s important to mitigate missed enquiries and poor customer experience as much as possible.



Entrepreneurship 101: Unanswered calls are bad for business.

It’s an obvious one. Every missed call is a missed opportunity. But the true loss of a missed call is more costly than you might think. Not only have you lost one potential sale when you ducked out for your lunch break, you could have also lost a lifelong customer. If a new customer is looking for a solution in that moment, they are more likely to move straight on to a competitor rather than leave a message or call back later.

A few things to consider:

  • 61% of customers switch to a competitor if they aren’t answered the first time. Telux HD
  • 74% of people were inclined to choose a competitor after a negative phone experience. Marketing Land
  • 85% of missed calls will not call back a second time. Telux HD

Lost Productivity

Usually customers have chosen a time to contact your business that’s convenient for them. Once you’ve missed that initial enquiry, it can be difficult to find another opening in their schedule. The dreaded ‘telephone ping pong’ is an all-too common scenario for sales people, where you return a voice message only to be met with one yourself. When you do eventually get through to them you might even find out they’ve gone with a competitor anyway.


Business Reputation

We’re living in a time where online reviews mean everything. It’s great for businesses to have more accountability to customer satisfaction, but it also means you have to be more careful than ever to meet customer expectations.

Unfortunately for small businesses, dissatisfied customers are much more likely to leave a review than satisfied ones. One customer's yelp review complaining about their calls going unanswered can be seen by thousands of potential customers in future.



Don’t Risk Missed Business

MyNetFone’s business phone system solution, the Virtual PBX, comes with a range of call handling features that can be configured specifically to your business so you never miss an important enquiry.

Hunt-Groups allow your incoming calls to be directed to the handsets or mobile phones of your staff in a specific sequence, until the next available staff member is able to pick up the call. Hunt-groups can also be configured to call multiple lines at the same time and connect the first staff member to answer the call.

Auto-Attendants are an easy way to show your customers you take them seriously. When you optimise it correctly, an auto-attednant can answer every customer enquiry and direct them to the right department.

Time-of-day and location based routing allows you to automatically transfer calls based on the time of day, day of the week, or location the call is coming from. Routing services can allow you to redirect important calls to a mobile or home office as needed.

Unlike our competitors, all of our features are designed and built in-house. This means we don't have to purchase them from a third-party and inevitably pass on the cost to customers. Users of the MyNetFone Virtual PBX have unlimited access to them all. This means your business phone system can utilise as many or as few as you need, without any hidden fees or nit-picking which extra services you need.

The MyNetFone Virtual PBX is one of the best value phone systems on the Australian market. We’ve done the hard work for you and compared Australia’s leading hosted phone systems.

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