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Establishing an international presence has been the key to success for many Australian businesses. If you do plan on expanding, Global Numbers are an easy way to serve overseas customers.


Serve Overseas Customers From Australia

With a smaller population at home, it’s often necessary for Australian businesses to tap into international markets to find success. It’s simple to establish a presence in an overseas destination without having any physical infrastructure in that location. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your office to set one up. The first step to taking your home-grown business international, is to establish a Global Number.

Global numbers are a local point of contact for overseas customers. Establishing a number overseas lets customers within that region contact your Australian office for free. This establishes a reliable point of contact for international business and bridges the gap between you and international markets.

How does it work?

A Global Number looks like a local phone number to an overseas destination, but acts as a toll free number allowing customers to contact your business for free. A Global Number taps onto your business phone system like the Virtual PBX. It acts just like another Local Number linked to your system allowing international calls to be routed seamlessly to your Sydney phone system like any other enquiry.


Get the most out of your Global Number

Once you’ve established a Global Number you can give it a unique inbound pathway with features like auto-attendant, hunt-groups and time-of-day routing. This helps you to work around operating through different international business hours.


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