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Today’s businesses communicate across a range of different platforms. While emails, faxes, online enquiries and mobile phones are all great complimentary forms of access to an organisation, the humble telephone still remains the primary point of contact for customers - and the Virtual PBX is the only business phone system you'll ever need.




  Product Review: Virtual PBX  

What is Virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX is a phone system for business that operates over the internet, so calls are much more cost effective than a traditional phone line. As its name suggests, the system is ‘Virtual’. This means it’s hosted externally in the cloud, allowing you to eliminate the bulky on-site equipment required with a traditional PBX.

As the phone system isn’t physically tied down to a specific geographic location, you can operate the Virtual PBX from anywhere in the world with a broadband connection. So one organisation can use the same business phone system and its collaborative functions across multiple locations. The aim of this product review is to outline the benefits of the MyNetFone Virtual PBX, both in functionality and in price. 

Product Review: Benefits of Virtual PBX


You’ll never have to upgrade from your Virtual PBX phone system. This product is completely scalable and designed to grow with your business from 2 to 30 phone lines. You can incrementally add new lines as you need them by logging on to your account through the online portal. Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily need one phone line per employee.

MyNetFone’s Line Pooling service allows you to share a preselected number of phone lines across an infinite number of handsets. So if it’s rare for all of your employees to be on the phone at the same time, then cut costs by removing any unused phone lines that needlessly increase your monthly bill.

All-inclusive features

Line pooling is just one of 25 business-grade features included with the MyNetFone Virtual PBX. Customers also have access to hunt groups, auto-attendant and voicemail-to-email - to name a few. What sets MyNetFone apart from its competitors is that all of these extras are included with your Virtual phone system at no charge. This means there’s no nit picking between features and no hidden costs! See the full list of added features by clicking here.


These 25 features have all been built in-house by MNF’s research and development team so customers can avoid any extra charges for licensing fees. Most other providers don’t build their own software, instead purchasing extra features from third parties. They then pass the associated costs for each feature on to customers on top of the monthly bill.

MyNetFone’s included features and transparent pricing structure makes the Virtual PBX the best value phone system on the market. Customer reviews found huge savings for end-users when they switched to Virtual PBX, with some customers saving up to 60% on their monthly bill. Cost starts at $50/month for a basic 2 line plan with plenty of added inclusions. See the full list of Virtual PBX plans and prices here.


MyNetFone Virtual PBX plans are all about flexibility. You have the option of owning a new phone outright by choosing a handset from our carefully selected range, or bring along your current handset – either way you’re not stuck paying extra for a monthly handset rental. 


Product Review: Virtual PBX - Yealink T41 IP Handset Basic office handset

$189.95 (outright)

12 line keys, speakerphone, headset port and a black-and-white screen. Ideal for general office use.

Product Review: Virtual PBX - Yealink T42 IP Handset Gigabit handset

$229.95 (outright)

Everything included with the basic model, plus 2 gigabit ethernet ports. Suitable for networked offices.

Product Review: Virtual PBX - Yealink T46 IP Handset Colour handset

$329.95 (outright)

All features of the gigabit model, plus 10 extra line keys and a 4.3" colour screen. Perfect for power-users. 

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