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If you don't have NBN - is your business being left behind? The NBN makes business communications more flexible, more powerful and less costly. Learn how you can access the same phone, fax and cloud office technology as your NBN-powered competitors - without needing the NBN.



Business NBN - Internet on the National Broadband Network



What does NBN mean for your business?


Get the big picture of what the NBN means for your office. Will your internet be faster? What will happen to your phone lines? How long does it take to connect? We’ve made it easy to answer all these questions with our exclusive Business NBN survival guide.

Our NBN Survival Guide has helped hundreds of businesses get to grips with the national broadband network. (It’s even been downloaded by some of our competitors).

Learn about the different NBN speeds and connection types, and understand how NBN will affect your phones, fax, EFTPOS and more.


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When will your office get fast broadband?


Once you’ve got the basics, you’ll want to know how long you’ll have to wait.

If you’re unsure of when the NBN is expected to reach your business, you can search your address on the NBN coverage map.

This will give you an idea of when you’re expected to receive an NBN connection, as well as which multi-technology connection method will service your premises.

Around half of Australian businesses currently have access to an NBN connection, which means the other half are still waiting. The NBN is expected to be complete by 2020. Of course, that means some businesses are still years away.



Check your coverage and plan ahead


No business NBN? Here's how you keep up


The NBN is often sold as bringing business into the future. But what if the NBN is still a distant dream? If your business won’t be connected for a while, don’t despair. 

The big telcos may not tell you this. But you can get access – today - to the same modern capabilities as your NBN-powered competitors. For business communications, that means:




All the above are available right now, and can be used with your regular (ADSL) internet. In fact, it might make sense to get these NBN-ready services now – so your eventual transition is all the more seamless. We’ve explained more about these technologies below.



NBN-Ready Telephony: What are the options?


If your PBX phone system is currently operating over the landline network, you can keep using it when the NBN arrives by making a few adjustments. What you have to decide on behalf of your business is whether you’re better off to keep or change your PBX phone system.

Option1: NBN-ready phone lines

Continue using your office phone system and simply converting to digital phone lines (called SIP Trunks). This option will save you lots compared to traditional phone lines. But you’ll need a certain amount of technical know-how to get setup.


Option 2: NBN-ready cloud phone system

Get a cloud phone system. This option is simpler to setup and can save you lots. But if you have a large office or call centre it’s probably too small for you. You’ll find NBN-ready cloud phone systems from all major telcos – including the MyNetFone Virtual PBX.



The Virtual PBX is a business communications and call management solution, that’s in no way exclusive to those with an NBN connection. These business phone systems are hosted externally, so are often referred to as a hosted phone system or cloud PBX. Simple plug-and-play technology allows you to simply plug in your desktop or cordless handsets to begin making calls.


You can then access these business phone systems from anywhere with an internet connection, as well as operate the same hosted phone system across numerous locations. A hosted PBX also comes with a range of call handling features like auto-attendant, hunt groups and time of day routing, to better help small businesses present professionally to their customers.


Virtual Fax Machine


Fax machines meet the same fate as phone systems when it comes to the NBN. For businesses that still require a fax service, often the best approach is to ditch your fax line and fax machine, and just keep the fax number. For this, you need a Fax-to-Email solution.

A e-fax service lets you send and receive fax documents as simply as sending an email. Again, there are options from many different providers – but one of the simplest, and lowest-cost options is MyNetFone virtual fax.

Note: If you want to continue using the same fax number with a Virtual Fax service, ensure that your provider can ‘port’ your number to the cloud.


Cloud phone, fax and 1300 numbers

Historically, local phone and fax numbers have always been locked to a physical landline. But as the NBN fibre replaces copper, those landlines are being removed – and the old phone numbers along with them.

If your numbers are important to your business, you’ll need to unlock them from your phone lines before the NBN is connected. If not, you risk losing your business phone numbers.

The unlocking process is called Number Porting. Once your number is ‘ported’ it will need to be hosted in the cloud. Not all telcos offer this – so double-check with your current provider.

Number porting and hosting will allow you to operate the same numbers without the need of a landline. That means you can stop paying line rental fees, and future-proof your business ahead of the NBN.

With numbers in cloud, your numbers will work anywhere – on any device. You can redirect your incoming traffic to your business mobile or a different office, allowing you to operate your business from interstate, or even overseas.

Porting costs money. Different telcos charge different amounts depending on the complexity of the number port. We recently spoke to a customer who was charged over $500 to port three numbers! 

(For comparison, MyNetFone lets you port numbers to the cloud - for free).


DSL to NBN transition service

If you’d like to take advantage of the NBN when it first arrives, you need to be with a provider that offers flexibility when migrating your services.

For example, if you’re in contract and the NBN arrives, your provider may not allow you to switch until your original contract is up. Or worse, they might charge you an early termination fee. How is that fair?

Even if the NBN seems like a long way off, it is only a matter of time. Now is as good a time as any to find a broadband provider that supports seamless NBN transition.

MyNetFone makes the NBN switch quick and affordable. If you’re a MyNetFone customer, and the NBN arrives, we’ll waive any cancellation fees when you choose NBN on a contract. We’ll also send you a new, NBN-ready modem (if you don’t already have one) and we’ll make sure you get connected ASAP. 

Don’t let your NBN-enabled competitors get one up on you. Start enjoying the business communications solution of tomorrow, by upgrading today.


Don’t wait for the NBN.
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