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Did you know you can use multiple Auto Attendants in conjunction with eachother? Using nested Auto Attendants lets you develop a network of information to help guide inbound calls.


Auto Attendants (also known as a Welcome Menu or Phone Tree) are one of the most popular features of an office phone system. From a customer facing perspective, your organisation is able to present more professionally and impress new business. On a practical level, the Auto Attendant manages your inbound calls intelligently and directs enquiries to the correct department. For example "Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Accounts".

Who's offering the best price when it comes to features like the Auto Attendant?
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This lets you and your staff get back to running your business instead doubling up as a temporary receptionist. Auto Attendants free up your time, resources and can even save you hiring extra help. It’s truly an asset to any modern business.

But what if I told you. You could use an Auto Attendant, within an Auto Attendant…



Nested Auto Attendants

Using multiple Auto Attendants in conjunction with one another lets you develop an intelligent network of information as you guide incoming enquiries to exactly what they need. In the tech-world this is known as a ‘nested’ auto attendant. In the diagram below you’ll see 4 Auto Attendants being used as a part of a business phone system.

You'll see the first option menu, and then three separate ones nested within it. You could potentially go even further, refining your customer’s enquiries using a network of these helpful features layered within each other.

The more information you can get from your customer through the phone system, the less time you’ve wasted determining if they are a legitimate enquiry. When a call does make it through to your handset, you should have a good idea of what it’s regarding.

It doesn’t matter if your business departments are in different offices, suburbs or even countries. The Auto Attendant can juggle incoming enquiries and navigate them to the correct location, wherever that may be.

How to Use Nested Auto Attendants


Hidden Cost of Business Phone Systems

Most providers will offer Auto Attendants with their business phone systems. This feature is a staple of the modern communications solution. However where many providers differ is how many ‘included’ features you’re given for each phone system.

Many providers include just one Auto Attendant free and charge you for every additional one you wish to use. So let’s say they charge an additional $10 per month for every auto attendant used. The business above would receive the main Auto Attendant for free, with the three nested Auto Attendants setting them back an additional $30 per-month on top of their regular invoice.

This is where it pays to shop around. Not all providers charge you for every Auto Attendant used. In fact, some providers will offer you unlimited Auto Attendants included in the orignal monthly rate.

This kind of nickel-and-diming of product features is all too common in the telecommunications industry. Those services that seem to be the cheapest at a glance, become much more expensive as you add the features you need to support your business.


How to Find the Best Priced Phone System

Many providers purchase the software for features like Auto Attendants from third-party software companies and are charged a licensing fee for every extra feature they provide. They then have to pass this cost on to their customers which quickly adds up. However, MyNetFone built the Virtual PBX phone system and its features from scratch, and so own the intellectual property to all of our software. This allows us to offer our customers unlimited access to all of our features, without any unexpected extra cost.

We’ve exposed these hidden costs, pricing, inclusions and all other differentiators across the top 6 hosted phone providers in our free business phone system comparison guide. 


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