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With the roll-out of NBN, most security systems will no longer work with traditional phone lines. However, there are many other alternatives to maintain your business security. Let us show you how.


How to future-proof your business security on the NBN


Ever wonder how you can keep your business protected while transitioning to the NBN? Whether you are already on the NBN network or preparing for installation, your security system will most likely be impacted by the process. But do not fear, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled several tips to help you prepare for a smooth transition to the NBN while keeping your business security future-proof.

Note: This is general advice only, please contact a security expert for tailored advice and quotes.






Where to start?

Just like meeting your first investor - preparation is key, and since you’re reading this article, you’re already halfway there. To find out when the NBN is coming to your area, check your address with our NBN coverage checker.

If it’s your first time connecting to the NBN, we understand that it can be overwhelming, that’s why we have created an NBN Survival Guide for your convenience. There are a few different types of NBN connections, which can affect your connection time and your choices in security systems.

Keep reading to see the popular security choices for all NBN connections.


Your existing security system

Already have an existing security system? Whether your existing alarm will work over the NBN will depend on your security service provider. The best thing to do is to contact your alarm provider to check if your alarm system is compatible with the NBN. However, even if it is compatible, most security systems that are dependent on the internet will be affected if there is a power outage.

If your alarm is connected to your phone line, it will not be compatible with most types of NBN connections. To increase the chances of your existing alarm working with the NBN, you can contact NBNco prior to your installation to ask them to install a Uni-V voice port. NBNco also provides a public information page about security alarms.

Perhaps you’ve got an alarm dialler installed and you’re looking to purchase a device to support your existing dialler. One option is to purchase the Ness 3G GSM Dialler, which is a plug and play device with no programming required. It is great for personal monitoring and uses a 3G communicator that allows you to choose your own SIM card provider.








Types of security alarms

Choosing the right type of NBN-ready security solution is similar to choosing the right employee, how involved do you want them to be with the business? Highly involved? Moderately? Or just the basics, like buying coffee?


Option 1: Monitored security service 


If you’re in need of high security on the NBN, you may want to subscribe to a monitored security service. Monitored security provides full protection 24/7 for your business and gives you the freedom to continue your work without worrying about checking the alarm. 24-hour monitoring is also great for keeping your business protected from after-hours break in. When your alarm is triggered, a communication will be sent to the central station of your security provider who will contact you to confirm whether the emergency was real or false. This is beneficial if you need your business to be constantly monitored, however as it is a subscription service you will not only be paying for the system itself but also the monthly monitoring costs.


Option 2: Unmonitored security system 


Not too keen on monthly subscription? That’s okay, because you can always choose an unmonitored security system instead. That will save you the monthly costs and you can just simply monitor the alarm yourself. The downside of an unmonitored service is that you will not be notified by a security provider while you’re away. One option to combat this issue is to select an alarm system that has mobile monitoring features that can notify you while you’re away from the business.


Option 3: CCTV


If you’re looking to further improve your security, you can include CCTV to either a monitored or unmonitored security system. CCTV can provide footage of a break-in even after the criminal has escaped, which is useful evidence for the police. The costs of CCTV will depend on the number of cameras you need, which are usually are not cheap.


Option 4: Wireless security alarm


Some small businesses may not need big security systems. For home grade security needs, you can consider getting a wireless security alarm. Wireless alarms are cost-effective, portable, easy to install and can be bought from a hardware shop. If frequent recharges and battery changes are not an issue, then the wireless alarm may be the option for you.




Specific security solutions

Still not sure which security to go for? We have included some scenarios below with specific solutions to help you find the best solution.


Self-managed, Self-installed

Perhaps you own a small-medium tech business and have your own IT department to install and monitor alarms. A popular option for self-managed, self-installed security is the Permaconn PM45-3G GPRS alarm system. The Permaconn is recommended by many alarm system providers and uses 3G GPRS as the primary communication path. It is not dependent upon phone lines or the NBN, making it the perfect cost-effective solution to future-proof your business.

scenario 1


Efficient & Effective

Maybe you own an accounting firm and you have no time to install or monitor an alarm system. You can consider signing up for a security provider who will take care of your alarm for you. Often the best-packaged solution for a small-medium business includes a security system with monitoring services, like ADT Security. Not only are they competitive in pricing, but they are also a well-established brand. ADT Security uses a 3G communicator and provide back to base alarm monitoring with a monthly fee.

scenario 2


Maximum Monitoring

In the case that you require maximum security like a company that provides business loans for example, you can consider going for a CCTV monitored alarm service like Watchdog Alarms. This alarm service provider will design a system to accommodate to your specific needs. The alarms use two monitoring paths, so if your internet is down the alarms will connect via a cellular connection instead.

scenario 3



Feeling prepared yet?

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