What does the NBN rollout mean for my business phone system? Thursday 20 December 2018 @ 11:25


With the advent of the NBN roll-out in Australia we will see a dramatic shift in how phones operate. The roll-out involves a complete replacement of current phone and internet infrastructure and removal of the vast majority of the current copper wiring.


Will the NBN affect my business phone numbers?

Most people don’t realise that the NBN roll-out will affect every business service that is presently connected to a phone line.

By moving to NBN you will potentially be disrupting your business phone and fax numbers, ‘on site’ (PBX) phone systems, EFTPOS machines and security alarms.

If you don’t already have a plan for migrating these services, you will need to speak with an expert before your move to NBN.


How can I keep my business phone numbers on the NBN?

As part of your migration to business NBN, your telco will need to move your phone numbers off the old telecom network.

This process is called ‘number porting’ – and means that your phone numbers can be used independently of a physical line. Instead of an old-fashioned phone line, calls are delivered through VoIP, using your NBN connection.

You will need to contact your telco to start this process.

Number porting is free for MyNetFone Business customers, no matter if you have one number or hundreds.


Why is porting important for communications continuity?

In the pre-NBN world, phone (and fax) numbers were tied to a physical line. But with the NBN roll-out, old-fashioned copper phone lines will be disconnected. Any phone numbers associated with those lines will be lost forever – unless they’re ported away first.

MyNetFone provides both business NBN and business phone services. We can coordinate our porting process to ensure that your office phone services are operational shortly after your NBN is activated.

If communications downtime is a concern, we can also do porting out-of-hours and redirect phone numbers during transition. While your office staff may have temporary inconvenience, your customers will never notice.


Is it difficult? How long does porting take?

The procedure for porting numbers for use on the NBN is very involved. Your current telco ‘surrenders’ the number to your new telco, who sets up your NBN-ready services and moves the number away from the copper network.

The more lines your business has, the more complex and time-consuming the process. This change-over can take from a few days up to 8 weeks. However, if your telco is managing the process well, you should not experience more than one business day of phone downtime. Again, you will need to get the ball rolling by making contact with your telco.

MyNetFone can provide you with an estimate of the likely porting time long before you commit to making the NBN switch. Making the transition as early as possible will help ensure you’re ready in time.


What about my business phone system?

Despite what some telcos may say, you can continue to use any phone system on the NBN. MyNetFone SIP Trunks are the best way to replace old-fashioned phone lines and use your phone system on the NBN.

The NBN switch is the perfect time to reconsider your telecom needs. Are you tired of maintaining a phone system on site? Are you tired of big phone bills? If so, you should consider the MyNetFone Virtual PBX cloud phone.


What's the timeline for this to happen?

If you haven’t got the NBN yet, you have plenty of time. The NBN switch over occurs over 30 months – this is a loose projection of the schedule:



So, what does this is all mean?

In conclusion, yes, you can still use your phone number - however, you will need to prepare. Make sure you don’t lose your phone and fax number forever like hundreds of businesses already have, contact MyNetFone today to organise your porting and office phone solutions.


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