NBN Creating a Digital Boom Thursday 23 August 2018 @ 16:57

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A new report released by data analytics and economic firm AlphaBeta, has shown the NBN is creating a digital transformation in Australia, with even further growth expected in the next few years.



The report, commissioned by the NBN, revealed that 9,700 new digital jobs were created as a result of the NBN network in 2017. With this number expected to increase to 148,000 by the time the rollout is completed in 2021. These ‘digital jobs’ include software programmers, graphic designers and electronic trade workers.

NBN Enablement 2017 vs 2021

Year 2017 2021
New jobs  9,700  148,000 
New businesses 5,400 80,000
Working from home 3,000 47,300


Along with the increase in new jobs will be the number of new businesses. The growth of new businesses within the NBN footprint was twice the national average, with 5,400 additional new businesses created in 2017. This number is expected to rocket to 80,000 new businesses by 2021.

Not only is the national fibre network creating new jobs, it’s allowing much more flexibility in the average working day. In 2017, approximately 3,000 workers were expected to work from home, increasing to a predicted 47,300 by 2021.

NBN is expected to create 148,00 new jobs by 2021

The impact of growth, new business and a changing workforce is expected to boost Australia’s Gross Domestic Product by $10.4 billion by the time it’s complete.

“The research shows the impact the NBN access network is already having on Australia’s business sector with the nation projected to benefit from its economic return once the rollout is complete in the next three years," said NBN Co CEO, Mitch Fifield.

“The NBN access network will provide the digital backbone for Australian businesses and has the potential to change the very nature of our towns and regions by opening up new market opportunities and reducing operational costs.”

The construction of the NBN network is now 75% complete, with 7.14 million premises ready for an NBN connection.

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