MyNetFone now a 3CX-certified SIP provider Monday 15 July 2019 @ 16:43

MyNetFone is now a 3CX-certified SIP provider


This certification means that it’s easier than ever for both our Channel Partners and our direct customers to connect your 3CX phone system with MyNetFone SIP trunks.





We’re constantly listening to our customer’s feedback and searching for new ways to deliver value. As such, we’re excited to announce that MyNetFone has now been officially certified as an interoperable SIP provider for 3CX phone systems!

You will now see MyNetFone listed in the 3CX setup drop-down menu, with an additional user guide available from the 3CX website. With no manual configuration required, you can just plug and play your PBX with a SIP Trunk of your choice.


Even better, you don’t need an Authentication ID or an Authentication Password as MyNetFone's SIP trunks are IP-based.


Now that you can link your numbers with your SIP Trunk in 3CX, you can create inbound rules to direct where calls will be routed when those numbers are called.


Becoming 3CX-interoperable is big news, given 3CX's strong position in the market. An innovative, award-winning company, 3CX is used by the likes of American Express, Pepsi and Air France just to name a few.



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