Moving from Telstra DOT to MyNetFone Thursday 09 May 2019 @ 09:35

Telstra DOT to MyNetFone


There is a misconception that it is difficult and risky to move your phone services to a different provider - this isn’t true! In this article we’ll explain how we successfully migrate Telstra DOT customers.





At MyNetFone Business we receive calls every day from Telstra customers who are anxious to move, but concerned by what’s involved. Moving away from Telstra is not a decision to be taken lightly. The first step is to ask yourself: what do I want to achieve? We’ve found the majority of our customers want to save money, update their technology and get more features.


Know the benefits before you switch

Save money: Telstra DOT is one of the more expensive options for business telephony. By switching to MyNetFone Virtual PBX with Unlimited Calling, customers have reduced their communication costs by as much as 60%.


Update technology: As one of the earliest VoIP phone systems, Telstra DOT has limitations that solutions like MyNetFone Virtual PBX do not. DOT customers often complain to us about difficulties adding more than 10 users and challenges with call quality and reliability. Many customers come to us wanting a more modern and NBN-ready phone system.


More features: While Telstra DOT offers some key features – such as a virtual receptionist and hunt groups – these are just the basics. By comparison, MyNetFone Virtual PBX includes more than 30 features for free. This includes some features that are not part of DOT like Voicemail to Email, Music on Hold and After-Hours Routing.


Avoid phone downtime when you switch

Take your Telstra phone numbers with you

Many customers mistakenly believe that if they move their phone service away from Telstra, they’ll have to give up their phone numbers. Phone numbers can be transferred from one telecom to another and a strict set of laws set out exactly how this process (called Number Porting) takes place. Rest assured, MyNetFone can transfer your existing phone numbers without causing downtime or disruption.


How we maintain your numbers

To transfer your numbers from Telstra to MyNetFone, we follow a process called a ‘complex number port’ where our technicians move your numbers onto our network. But don’t worry - even though it’s called ‘complex’, it’s not as complicated as it sounds!

A ‘simple port’ is when a customer has a single phone number that is used as a phone line. A ‘complex port’, on the other hand, is where you have multiple numbers or where a number is being used for something other than a phone line (ADSL, alarms, EFTPOS, fax etc). In telco-speak, any numbers used with Telstra DOT are considered ‘complex’ for the purposes of number porting.

When moving from Telstra, the ‘complex porting’ process usually takes 6-8 weeks to complete. (Sadly, this time frame is determined by law – it is the same no matter which telco you choose).

Timing is everything

Our team will work with you to figure out the best strategy for transferring your DOT numbers and getting the phone service set up. Often customers need to have things up-and-running on a certain future day. For example: we can meet your office move-in date or NBN switch-on.

We do everything we can to minimise your phone service downtime. Our technical work takes place in the background and will not disrupt your Telstra phone service (until the agreed switch over day) so that customers can always reach you.

Getting things setup in the office


What do I do with my old handsets?

MyNetFone is compatible with a range of handsets, but if you want to start fresh with new handsets, we have our own line.

What about my fax service?

If your fax service only has one number pointing to it, it’s a ‘simple port’ of merely bringing the number over, but if it’s a fax duet with two or more numbers, it then becomes a ‘complex port’.



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