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Local numbers are a modern take on the traditional landline phone number. You can extend the reach of your business by assigning it local numbers from a range of different regions, even if you have no physical infrastructure in that area.





The semantics

They’re often referred to as DID (Direct Inward Dial) numbers, geo-independent phone numbers, access phone numbers or virtual phone numbers, to name a few. Whatever name you use, they perform the same function. It’s our mission to uncomplicate this service, cut through the jargon and make business easier.

What is a local number?

Local numbers have an associated geographical region (ie 02 for NSW), yet can be operated from anywhere, from any device. Traditionally landline phone numbers required you to prove your address from within a region before you could be assigned a number. Local numbers lift that restriction.

You can apply local numbers to as many regions as you feel necessary, so customers within those areas have a local point of contact and only ever pay for a local call. Local numbers are quick to deploy and you can operate multiple numbers from the one account.

Why choose a local number?

Local numbers help small businesses punch above their weight by increasing national presence with minimal effort. While the reach of your business is extended, your phone line and its related costs remain local - as if you are calling from your phone number’s area code. You don’t have to be tied to a local area to benefit from local call rates.

If you’re travelling overseas, you can still manage your business by making and receiving phone calls at local rates as if you were back at the office. Calls can even be routed to your mobile phone, so you never miss important enquiries.

Local numbers vs 13/1300/1800 

13/1300/1800 numbers are purely inbound services. They let your customers contact you for free or at local rates from anywhere in Australia. They’re ideal for courtesy numbers like technical support lines or for marketing campaigns and sales enquiries.

Local numbers are intended for the day-to-day running of your business. They establish a familiar point of contact for customers and allow you to make outbound calls (again, at local rates).

Personalised numbers 

Make your local numbers more memorable by using our gold number service. You can personalise your phone number by choosing the last two, three or four digits. Special setup fees apply for this service.

Find out more

All MyNetFone Virtual PBX and SIP Trunking plans come with additional local numbers. Deployment is simple and you can add extra numbers to your account in minutes. Enquire online today or call 1300 733 995 to speak to one of our helpful staff.