Line Pooling vs Per User Pricing Monday 18 July 2016 @ 16:56

Learn how Virtual PBX line pooling can save you money


Line pooling is a money-saving feature unique to MyNetFone Virtual PBX and SIP Trunking services. Line pooling technology helps you avoid 'per handset' pricing traps - which can become more expensive, and more complicated, as your business grows. 



  Other telcos are happy to charge businesses full price for a phone system that’s only operating at half capacity. And they get away with it because these businesses don’t realise there’s a more practical alternative. But we don’t believe in charging our customers for something they don’t use.  


Virtual PBX Line Pooling




The difference

Most service providers will charge customers on a ‘per user’ basis: one handset, one user, one price. So you fork out a monthly fee for every phone in the office. Even if a phone only receives one call a day, or one call a month, you’re still stuck with the same flat rate.

Per user pricing was designed before internet, mobiles and IP communications. As the experts in modern business communications, we decided that this method was outdated and unfair for customers.

Line pooling is a technology we developed to match your organisation’s supply and demand much more efficiently. It allows you to keep all of your employees’ numbers active, while only paying for the phone lines that you actually use. It’s the intelligent way to communicate.


How Line Pooling Works

Line pooling allows an organisation to share a preselected number of phone lines across any number of handsets. For businesses with multiple offices, you can even share the same Line pool across different work sites – anywhere in the world.
Here’s an example:

   Line pooling - Share call capacity and save  All of your 8 staff have their own contact numbers and desktop phones. But some of the staff are only part-time in the office. Maybe they’re on the shop floor, out doing deliveries, or only work a few days a week.  
  Line pooling - Share call capacity and save So despite there being 8 staff in total, only 4 will be using the phone at any given time.  
    Why pay for 8 lines when at your peak period you're only using 4?  
  Line pooling - Share call capacity and save  It’s a lot smarter to share a pool of 4 lines with each user dipping into the pool as needed.  


Benefits of Line Pooling

Line pooling lets you get the most out of your Virtual PBX phone system, with a range of benefits including:

Cut costs without affecting operations. 
Remove any unused lines that needlessly increase your monthly phone bill. While employees share call capacity, they keep their own personal phone number, voicemail, and handset. 

Use call inclusions where they’re needed.
Instead of monthly call inclusions being delegated to individual employees, they can be shared across your entire organisation, providing call capacity to those who need it most and ensuring nothing is ever wasted. 

Add unlimited staff and locations to your line pool.
Purchase additional handsets and phone numbers for extra staff to access your line pool. For extra locations, simply connect handsets at the other office (multiple offices can share the same line pool). 

Flexible and scalable.
If you need new lines for extra staff, you can easily increase the size of the pool by logging on to the online portal. Most SMBs utilise between 2 – 30 lines to share across an entire organisation. 


How does your telco compare?

Line pooling is just another feature that MyNetFone has developed to ensure our Virtual PBX phone system delivers a premium service at minimal cost. On average, customers save up to 60% when they switch from the big traditional telcos. How much could we save you?

Get a phone bill comparison and see for yourself, or call 1300 733 995 to speak to one of our helpful staff.