The PBX-Files: Keep or Change Your PBX Friday 09 June 2017 @ 16:02

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MyNetFone specialises in bringing your tired PBX into the NBN-era, but it is that the right choice for your business? We weigh up the benefits of converting your current PBX to SIP or using a completely cloud hosted phone system.




The PBX-Files

Busting NBN myths. The truth, is out there...

True: The existing copper network will be disconnected soon after the NBN is rolled out.

True: In the NBN-era, everyone will have to make phone calls over the internet using VoIP.

False: Your existing hardware will be become useless when the NBN arrives.

Option 1: Keep Your PBX With SIP Trunks

Despite what some commission-hungry salespeople might say, you can extend the life of your old phone system with an NBN-ready phone line (called a SIP Trunk).





  • One of the biggest benefits of SIP that you'll see almost immediately is the price. Users have saved up to 60% on their phone bill when they transition from PSTN to SIP. 
  • A PBX phone system is a significant investment for a business of any size. Using SIP Trunks will allow you to extend the life of your phone system into the NBN-era. Depending on the age of your system you may also need an analogue adaptor to bring it up to speed.
  • Having an on-site PBX system means you always have direct access and complete control over your phone system. Maintaining and adjusting a PBX requires a higher level of technical knowledge, so it's ideal for businesses with a dedicated IT person or team.


  • Of course, not every business has an IT team on hand. This makes calling in an engineer to maintain and adjust the system a costly practice.
  • Not only is a PBX financially costly to maintain, the bulky equipment can cost you valuable office space too - especially for smaller operations with less room to operate. You'll need to dedicate an area to house the PBX, and when it's time to move or rearrange your office, you'll have to start the whole process over again.




Option 2: Cloud Based Phone System

Now just because you can bring your PBX into the NBN-era, you’ve got to consider whether you should bring it with you. It may be time to ditch the hassle of an on-site phone system and go completely virtual. 

For most small and medium-sized businesses, the best approach when migrating to the NBN is to choose a completely cloud-based phone system.



  • Hosting your phone system in the cloud gives you access to a range of call-handling features that will boost productivity and improve customer experience. Enjoy business grade features like call recording, call queueing and auto-attendant (press 3 for sales) to name a few. Choose a provider with an all-inclusive feature plan so you're not stuck paying extra for add-ons.
  • Not only are cloud systems feature-rich, you have complete control over these functions. For more efficient call-management choose a provider that offers a self serve portal so you can manage these settings in real-time.
  • The operational cost moving from an on-premises PBX to a virtual PBX isn’t just reduced, it’s removed. With no equipment you eliminate any installation or maintenance costs and relocating or adding a new office is as simple as plugging in a handset.
  • Although PSTN lines will be disconnected, you can still keep the same phone number over the NBN. Choose a provider that can ‘port’ and ‘host’ these numbers in the cloud. When you move to the cloud, your numbers will work without the need for a landline.


  • You will have to say goodbye to your old PBX system. However, with a feature-rich and easy to use cloud based phone system, you won't miss it for long.

Whatever you choose, either option requires proactive preparation for the inevitable NBN rollout. Most businesses will want to maximise the life of their phone system, but with the many operational benefits of a cloud-based system, it might be time to say goodbye.

Still unsure about the right phone system for your business?

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