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It’s the New Year. Time to start ticking off those business resolutions. A quick-win that will point you in the right direction for 2018 is to optimise your business phone system’s Auto-attendant.



It’s the first point of contact for your customers and one of the most popular features of a business phone system. Yet it’s all too common for business owners and managers to get it wrong. When applied correctly an Auto-attendant can have a huge benefit on businesses of any size. Here are some best practices to get the most out of your Auto-attendant this year.

1. Keep the Menu Option Simple

The purpose of the Auto-attendant is to streamline your inbound communications. You’ll want to keep your menu options clear, concise and simple - for easy navigation. The best way to achieve this is to keep your options general “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Accounts…” ideally with a maximum of 3 or 4 options. You can then create sub-categories within those menus if you need to break it down further. The last thing you want is for your customers to have to sit through endless and long-winded menu options when they already know exactly what they want. This is where nested Auto-attendants come in handy.

2. Use Nested Auto-attendants

Nested Auto-attendants are menu options within menu options. Using multiple Auto-attendants in conjunction with each other lets you create a layered web of detailed information for your customers to access. This allows you to guide your customers to the exact product, service or department they need.

Tip: Some providers will charge you for additional Auto-attendants used. If you’re in the market for a new phone system, check the service inclusions before making a purchase. MyNetFone offers unlimited Auto-attendants so you can build an intelligent inbound call management system and even have Auto-attendants on standby for special events like long weekends and public holidays.

3. Prioritise your options

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you should always start with your most requested information first. If you’re a software company you might want to start with technical support. If you’re a retail store, it’s a good idea to start with opening hours.

Once you’ve led with your most important information, you can then work your way through the next most requested, until all relevant information is available.

4. Use Auto-attendant for promotions

Don’t be afraid to market or cross-sell other products in your Auto-attendant menu – but make sure to keep it short. A few words is all you need. You want to give enough information to let potential customers know about a special offer, but keep it short enough that it won’t slow down a regular inbound enquiry. “To learn about our 30% off special, press 3 for sales”, is all you need.

Auto-attendants are the easy way to manage incoming enquiries and help your business present more professionally. If you’ve got a Virtual PBX you should be using this valuable function. Existing customers can create a new Auto-attendant through the MyAccount Portal.

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