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Choosing a mobile phone plan for your business can be a challenge. However, we’ve collated some facts on some of the leading SIM-only, no-contract business mobile plans in the Australian market.


Today’s businesses want flexibility. Lock-in contracts and expensive hardware repayments are a thing of the past. While it’s important to keep you staff connected, you need the freedom to change your services or hardware when you need to. That’s why SIM-only month-to-month plans are becoming increasingly popular in Australia1. There are no contract commitments, no credit checks, and you avoid the inflated monthly cost to rent or repay the mobile devices.

There’s also a lot more choice in the business mobile market than there used to be2. With more choice comes more competition, better rates and ultimately more flexibility for the consumer. So when it comes to picking a mobile provider, you want to make sure they cater for the unique requirements of your business.

Choosing a mobile phone plan for your business can be a challenge. However, we’ve collated some facts on some of the leading SIM-only, no-contract business mobile plans in the Australian market.






MyNetFone offers four different plans: 1GB, 4GB, 10GB & 20GB. It offers a 4G footprint of 96.5% and a combined 3G and 4G coverage footprint of 98.8% of the Australian population. MyNetFone’s Global Roaming offering comes in 2 travel pack options: A 5-day travel pack at $20 or a 10-day travel pack at $40 ($4 a day) with 160MB and 200MB per day.


Vodafone offers three different data optionsfor its SIM-only no-contract plans for business: 2GB, 4GB and 20GB3. The Vodafone website states its network covers over 22 million Australians with 4G and uses a third party network for 3G regional coverage4. Vodafone Roaming allows customers to use their Vodafone plan in 60 countries for $5 a day5.


Optus offers four SIM-only no-contract plans. These include 3GB, 15GB, 25GB and 40GB6. The Optus website states its mobile network reaches 98.5% of the Australian population7, with a 4G Plus coverage footprint of 96.5%8. Optus offers international roaming in zone 19 countries for $10 a day, which gives customers the use of unlimited calls and SMS plus 100MB of data10.


Telstra also has four SIM-only no-contract plans: 2GB, 15GB, 30GB and 60GB11. The Telstra website states it has a 4G coverage footprint of 99% and a combined 3G & 4G footprint of 99.4% of the Australian population12. Telstra’s roaming offering lets customers make unlimited calls & SMS and use 200MB of data for $10 a day within 70 countries13.



  3 6  11

 Plans (per month)

1GB $11

4GB $24

10GB $36

20GB $48


2GB $35

4GB $45


20GB $60


3GB $45


15GB $55

25GB $65

40GB $75 

2GB $49


15GB $69

30GB $89

60GB $109


4G = 96.5% Aus population

3G & 4G = 98.8% Aus population

4G = 22 million Australians

3G via third party network4

4G = 96.5% Aus population7
3G & 4G = 98.5%
Aus population8

4G = 99% Aus population

3G & 4G = 99.4%
Aus population12

 Int'l Roaming

5 day roaming pack with 60 included minutes/SMS + 800MB for $20 ($4 per day)

Use your plan in 60 countries for $5 per day.5 Unlimited calls/SMS + 100MB for $10 per day.10 Unlimited calls/SMS + 200MB for $10 per day.13

 Int'l Calling


PAYG (2GB & 4GB plans)


2000 included minutes for zone 1 & 200 included minutes for zone 2 (20GB plan).14


unlimited calls/SMS in 45 countries for $10/mo (2GB & 15GB plans)


Included unlimited calls/SMS to 15 countries (30GB plan)


Unlimited calls/SMS to all countries (60GB plan).16

 Extra Data

$10 per extra 1GB

$10 per extra 1GB3

$10 per extra 1GB6

$10 per extra 1GB11

 Unlimited Calls/SMS







 No contract





Comparing SIM-only, no-contract plans. Research conducted 06/10/18 see reference table below.

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Disclaimer: This document provides a high level overview of a select range of products or services offered in Australia by four mobile service providers. This document does not (i) provide a detailed assessment all products or services that may be available on the market (or the selected providers) (ii) compare all the available features of the selected products and services and (iii) take into consideration the individual needs of your business. We recommend you read the consumer fact sheet relevant to the services and consider your own needs before acquiring any products or services. Information contained in this document is factual information only and is valid at the date that this document is issued (06/10/18) and while MyNetFone does its best to ensure that the information is current and accurate, factual information regarding another provider’s product will change.



Research conducted 06/10/2018