Business Communications Health Check Thursday 12 January 2017 @ 15:08

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Don't suffer business communications pain. Diagnose and cure your office phone and internet headaches with a free Business Communications Health Report.




Tell us where it hurts

If you could change one thing about your business communications, what would it be?

Do you struggle with your phone system?

Are you terrified to open your phone bill?

Do you have slow or unreliable internet?

From NBN nightmares to PBX growing pains, technology challenges can quickly make business communications a real headache. And that means costs, delays and disruptions.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Business Communications Health Report

MyNetFone's communications health check is a free, no-obligation assessment that can help your business eliminate phone and internet headaches.

Our expert team has helped thousands of business diagnose and cure their communications pain. 

And we can help you too.


What's involved?

This isn't a cursory marketing exercise. We take the time to talk with you, understand your biggest pain points and develop thoughtful recommendations that address your needs - today, and into the future.

It's free. It's fast. And it won't hurt a bit.


What's covered?

Once the health check is complete, you'll receive a comprehensive Communications Health Report, including:

  • Phone and internet bill analysis - we'll help you find hidden savings
  • NBN readiness assessment - are you prepared?
  • Phone system feature analysis - is your PBX 'business grade'?
  • Expert recommendations to fit your needs and budget


How long does it take?

The health report should take no longer than a week.

First, we'll do a bill analysis. For this, we'll need a copy of your most recent business phone bill. You can send us pictures by SMS.

Second, we'll do a phone interview - this takes just 5-10 minutes. Here we'll run through some simple questions about your current business communications deployment.

There's no jargon.

There's no sales pitch.

It's fast. It's easy. And it's totally free.

What are you waiting for?


Don't wait: Start your communications health check today.