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Add IT and Telecom revenue as a MyNetFone Channel Partner



Interested in some side hustle? If you own or manage a business in the IT/technology sector, you could be sitting on a goldmine of unharnessed revenue. Almost any business can increase its product suite and revenue by offering MyNetFone services through the channel.





Extend your service suite


The telecom opportunity

Many businesses operate alongside the telecommunications industry, but rarely do they consider providing telco services themselves. This could be a missed opportunity. The business communications sector is experiencing phenomenal growth, driven by technology tailwinds including:

- NBN rollout liberating customers from legacy telcos

- BYOD programs driving demand for SIM-only mobile services

- Ubiquity of business cloud services, especially cloud phone systems

- Old-fashioned technologies (like ISDN) becoming end of life 


This mix of disruption and innovation is a boon for modern providers like MyNetFone. And it provides a window for our IT&T partners to share in new and enduring revenue streams. As a MyNetFone Channel Partner, you can make the most of the burgeoning telecom opportunity, without any additional cost to your business. 



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The easy way to start selling telco services

The telco industry is changing. It's no longer dominated by big traditional players. In fact, you don’t even have to be a 'telco' to sell communications services. Almost any interested business can start making money from NBN, mobile and business phone systems.

MyNetFone’s Channel Partner program enables interested IT businesses to refer small business, corporate and enterprise customers. And when those referrals turn into deals, earn healthy recurring revenue in the process.

By partnering with MyNetFone, your business can provide a complete suite of business communication services like business broadband, business Ethernet, hosted phone systems and 4G mobile.

Offer your customers new-generation business communication services from MyNetFone

Earn more as a Channel Partner 


Leverage existing customers

Becoming a Channel Partner is a great opportunity to earn additional revenue by cross-selling to your existing business customers. Every small business needs a phone service, mobiles and internet. Larger businesses will also need 1300 numbers, fax services and conferencing solutions. As a Channel Partner you're able to become a one-stop-shop, providing the essential communication utilities that a business needs.

Generous commissions

By referring deals, you’ll be eligible for generous finders' fees and trailing commissions that run for the whole contract life. (This trailing commission can provide steady income for one, two or even three years). Moreover, Partner commissions increase as you bring on more business and close higher-value opportunities. There is no limit to your earnings.

Sell into new markets

Selling telco services can also help to grow your primary business. You can attract, win and retain more than just your existing customers. The ubiquity of telecom services provides a powerful 'in' to expand into new regions, service different customer types and reach a broader range of customers.

The small-medium business segment - alone - could fuel your business for a lifetime. If you're currently servicing enterprise or residential customers, the SMB segment could be a meaningful opportunity. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics there are nearly 850,000 SMBs in Australia. That’s 850,000 opportunities to add sticky long-term revenue.


Who can benefit?


Unlike some IT partner programs, with MyNetFone there’s no deep technical certification required to provide these new-generation services. Anyone with their own ABN and a business customer database is eligible to sign up and begin earning Partner commission.

However, the MyNetFone Partner prgram isn't suited to everyone. Our most successful Partners are able to provide complementary services that enhance, support or extend business telecommunications. (Apologies to truck drivers or mistress dispellers). Complementary businesses include:


Computer stores and technicians

If you operate a computer store, chances are you already have a base of loyal customers who trust you to recommend technology solutions for their business. As a Channel Partner you can extend your service suite to include hosted phone systems, NBN broadband, Ethernet and 4G mobile.


MyNetFone Partner Program for IT and Computer Consultants


Business IT consultants

With a deeper understanding of a business’s needs, consultants are positioned perfectly to recommend new-generation communications solutions. The NBN is a nation-wide disruptor, causing small business owners to reevaluate their communication requirements. As a MyNetFone Channel Partener, you can become the local business NBN expert.

With the impending NBN rollout, you’ll be helping to future-proofing your customers today – making their NBN migration a breeze tomorrow.

The conultancy business is ofte unpredictable, with lumpy earnings and long lead times. Becoming a Partner solves this business challenge. Instead of making the one-off consultancy fee, you have the opportunity to earn an ongoing commission for the lifetime of the service contract.


Office networking specialists

As a networking specialist, businesses trust you to deliver a stable backbone for their voice and data services. Now, you can add revenue for some of the core services that run on the networks you design.

MyNetFone business services are designed to be plug-and-play, with zero network configuration required. This makes them a seamless value-add for virtually every networking project.


Office cabling installers

Ethernet cabling is the workhorse of the modern office. Installing cables is often a time-consuming role that can be challenging to value-add. But as a Channel Partner you can add extra revenue. Recurring revenue that comes in every month, and compounds as you add more clients.

You’re already in the office, face-to-face with a potential customer. Go the extra mile and recommend a service along with installation. It might just be the easiest money you've ever made.


The list goes on...

If you do work in one of these fields (or related) and are not offering a complete range of business communications services, you might be losing potential business.


Channel Partner Support


Reliable and scalable 

Our service suit is NBN-ready and easy to setup (without any specialist telco skills). Our robust global network has a 99.999% uptime, so there's no need for ongoing service or support. So you can sell to all levels of the market and ensure your customers don’t run into any problems.


End-to-end support and service

We can support you with as much (or as little) assistance as you need. Some Partners prefer us to manage the whole process, from sales qualification to service delivery. Other Partners prefer to manage customers directly and act as first-line support. We are flexible and can work with your business model.


We've got your back

We want to help you succeed. You have the assurance of dedicated marketing and sales resources, priority technical support (if anything goes awry) and a personal account manager with an active interest in your business. We give you everything you need to sell telco services with confidence.



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