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7 Stages of Cloud Phone Acceptance Thursday 23 November 2017 @ 16:12

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As we move into the digital era, the experience of transitioning from on-site equipment to a cloud-based phone system is one shared by all kinds of businesses. Here are the 7 stages of cloud phone acceptance commonly experienced by business owners and managers.


Your old PBX is costing you money. What used to be a necessary part of a business communications system is now an outdated and unnecessary piece of office junk. With cloud-based alternatives giving your competitors a distinct advantage, it may be time to let the old PBX go to the great office depot in the sky.

Saying goodby can be tough, but know your experience is not unique. Here are the 7 stages of cloud phone acceptance.


1. Shock


Calls are getting expensive - you’ve just opened your biggest phone bill to date. You’re paying line rental for each staff member connected to the PBX phone system. The landline call rates are burning a bigger hole in your pocket. And every time you need to make an adjustment to the phone system, you need to call out an expensive technician. With your staff headcount increasing, there has to be a more affordable way to keep everyone connected.

Bill shock is the signal for change.

2. Denial 

You put off calling in technicians to avoid the added cost. And you tell staff to limit the calls they make from work phones. The call management features are too difficult to configure yourself, so you go without. You don’t need to upgrade from ISDN just yet. And those missed calls were probably just wrong numbers anyway…

3. Bargaining

You’ve had the same PBX for years, and spent a lot of money on it in that time. All that money would be wasted if you throw it away now. Just a few more years until you’ve made ROI, you’ll be fine. 


4. Acceptance 


The PBX has got to go. You need to overhaul your business communications. It’s time to start thinking about exactly what you need out of your new phone system:

  • Scalable. Something that can grow with your business as you bring on new staff.
  • Flexible. A phone system that is easy to move and can be operated from numerous sites.
  • Affordable. Connect all of your staff for much less than what you’ve been paying.
  • Feature-rich. Something with plenty of included features to better manage your calls.
  • User-friendly. What good are the features if you can’t configure them yourself?
  • Compact. Something that doesn’t take up much office space, or any!
  • NBN-ready. A phone system that can operate over the new fibre network.


Acceptance is often the hardest step.


5. Upward Turn

You’ve decided on the Virtual PBX. It provides all of the functionality of your old PBX system without the bulky equipment, the entire phone system is hosted in the cloud. With a cloud-based phone system, calls are transmitted over the internet as VoIP, which is much more affordable than the landline connection you were using. And instead of calling in a technician to make adjustments to your system, you can make changes yourself by logging on to the self-service portal.

The simple plug-and-play technology made it incredibly easy to setup, and all of the handsets came pre-configured so your staff simply plug in there handsets to be connected to the one unified system. Even if your staff are operating from different work sites, in different countries, everyone can access the same phone system (world domination, here we come).


6. Hope 

Immediately you notice a difference in your monthly invoice. You’ve eliminated line rental completely and are now saving around 50% by switching to VoIP. You’ve avoided the ‘per line’ price trap by sharing phone call capacity using Line Pooling technology.

Incoming calls are being immediately answered by your personlised auto-attendant and directed to the right departments. More enquiries are being answered, and your staff are able to provide much better and more professional customer service.


7. Success


Your Virtual PBX is making sure all enquiries are met diligently and no calls are missed. The proof is in the numbers, sales are up and you’ve had to open a second office to keep up with your growing demand. Luckily, your Virtual PBX can be scaled and relocated easily, now it’s connecting your staff over multiple locations.

All of the added features have streamlined your communications, and given you more time to focus on business as usual. And for all the success your new cloud phone system has given you, you’re still paying less than your old PBX!


Reap the benefits of your new phone system.



Are you ready to make the switch to a cloud phone system?

Adjusting to new technology isn’t as scary as you might think. What can seem daunting initially will in fact free up your time, resources and office space. And not to mention, cut your costs. Find out why thousands of Aussie businesses chose the MyNetFone Virtual PBX to support their business.


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