6 Tips to Working Remotely Wednesday 09 November 2016 @ 10:24

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With improved broadband and communication technologies, it's becoming more popular than ever for employees to telecommute to work - where an employee performs their job from home or a remote office. Here are 6 tips to success when working remotely:




1) Designate a space

It doesn’t have to be a private office (although a place where you can shut the door to any distractions helps). You just need to set up a designated area away from distractions – even if it’s just a quiet corner of the house.

2) Organise your desktop

Organising your documents, spreadsheets and emails can seem like a waste of time when compared to other important deadlines. However an organised desktop can streamline efficiency and help you close off those more important tasks with ease.

3) Extend your phone system

Even though you're working away from the office, you still need access to a business grade phone system. Phone systems like the Virtual PBX allow you to extend your head-office phone system to a remote location and keep all the same collaborative call functions you would have access to if you were physically there. If you bundle your office phone system and internet, you're assured of clear, reliable voice calls, optimised via our Quality of Service (QoS) technology.

4) Find the right data plan

A stable broadband connection is the lifeline of a remote office. A stable connection is required for video conferencing and downloading large files to collaborate on joint projects. The NBN will offer download speeds never before seen in Australia. You can search your business address on the NBN coverage map to find out if you're eligible for our competitive NBN plans. If the NBN hasn't reached your area, you can choose a DSL plan and upgrade to the NBN when it's available.

5) Set a schedule

Map out a daily and weekly schedule so you know that you're dedicating the right amount of time to each task. Remember: the list is your friend! Make sure you're ticking off completed tasks as you go, so you (and head office) can see how hard you've been working.

6) Communicate

Keep an open and regular line of communication with your colleagues. You're not going to bump into them by chance at the water cooler so there's some effort required on your part. Even if it's not work related, it's important to build healthy working relationships. It will make collaborating on future projects easier and creates a happy work environment.

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