3.5 Million Teleworkers in Australia Thursday 29 September 2016 @ 11:23

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Out of 11.6 million employed people in Australia, 3.5 million are teleworkers according to the latest figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.





The commute to work can seem like a drag, and is often one of the most unproductive parts of the working day.

So it's probably no surprise that 3.5 million working Australians are teleworkers. Which means they telecommute to work or manage a business by using a business phone system or high-speed internet.

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Results from the Characteristics of Employment survey, found that 2.06 of the 3.5 million teleworkers are employees, while the remaining 1.44 million were managers and business owners.


According to the director of Labour Market Analytics, Jennifer Humphrys, those surveyed gave two main reasons for working from home.

“42 per cent of those who regularly work from home cited catching up on work as the main reason.

“A further 20 per cent regularly worked from home because they wanted an office or didn’t want to pay rent or overheads,” she said.

These results highlight the growing trend of Australian employees using technology to work remotely. According to the ABS telecommuting has increased over the last 15 years from 8% in 2001 to 30% last year.


Enabling the shift towards working from home, has been the technological advancements of business phone systems. They allow remote staff to work from a home office by extending the reach of an office phone system.

Employees can access all of the collaborative call functions, like Line Pooling and Hunt groups for incoming inquiries – from anywhere with a broadband connection.

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