Conference recording


Simple solution for recording, storing and retrieving conference calls

The recording feature is included in selected MyNetFone Premium Conferencing plans. Recorded conference calls can be stored in your account for easy access. You can simply retrieve them later or distribute them to people who couldn't attend the conference. 

MyNetFone also provides PAYG conference recording for $10 per month if it's not already included in your plan. 

Please note: recordings stay on the portal up to 28 days after the conference.


recording features


How to record your conferences


Automatic Recording

Set up your account to automatically record all of your conference calls. This way you never have to remember to start recording at the beginning of your conferences.

Call us on 1300 012 406 to set up auto record on your account.

On-Demand Recording

The host can choose to start recording manually at any time during a conference.

To start recording, press *2 then *1.
To stop recording, press *2 then *1 again.



How to access your recordings


1. Log in to the recordings portal

Click the 'Login' button located on the top right of our website or click here.

Select 'Conference Portal Login'

Use your username and password to log in. These can be found in your welcome email.


2. Download your recording

Once you are in the portal, a list of recordings will display.

Identify the recording you want to download.

Click the download button on the right-hand side of the recording.



For more information, call 1300 012 406.