Meet-Me Conferencing


Business teleconferencing for MyNetFone voice customers

Meet-Me Conferencing is an on-demand teleconferencing service available for Virtual PBX, SIP Trunking and VoiceLink customers. It's quick and easy to use. Participants simply dial-in to a secure number at an agreed time.

Join up to 25 conference participants and enjoy superior voice quality. Conference calls are billed at competative rates - with bulk value plans available for power users.

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Meet-me conferencing - Business teleconferencing and dial-in voice conferencing from MyNetFone



Conference calling whenever you need it


Business teleconferencing via the MyNetFone online portal

Setup online

It's easy to convene a conference call. Simply login to the customer portal and pick a conference access number.

You can then assign different roles (listener / speaker), and get PIN codes to distribute among participants.


Dial-in voice conferencing for business and enterprise

Secure, dial-in access

Participants can join your conference by dialling the access number and entering their PIN at the agreed time. 

No special equipment is required. Participants can use their mobile phone, landline or a desktop conference phone. 


Great value teleconferencing plans for business and enterprise

Great value

Enjoy pay-as-you-go rates of just 16c / minute / line. Or get even more included value with a monthly plan. 

Conference participants are better off too. Participants can usually dial-in for the cost of a local call.



Monthly conferencing plans







How conference calls are billed

Conference calls are charged per minute, per participant. Each conference participant counts towards the conference minutes separately. The charges may also vary based on the access number used to dial into the conference. 

Customers are charged for each caller from the minute each caller joins to the conference to the minute each caller leaves the conference - regardless of the conference proceeding or the convenor of the conference being present. The charges will be rounded to the next whole minute.

For example, a 10 minute conference x 4 participants at the casual rate (16c/minute) = $6.40.

If you have a plan, the minutes are charged at the plan rate. You can simply multiply the conference length x number of participants to find out the total number of Conference Minutes used.

For example, 60min conference x 4 participants = 240 conference minutes.

What is a participant?

For billing purposes, one 'participant' means one active line. It does not mean physical participants. Therefore, if you use a shared teleconferencing device (such as a conference phone or handset with speakerphone) that will only count as one line.


Use of the service is agreement to pay the charges

Meet-Me Conferencing is a PAYG service. By using the service, you acknowledge that you understand how conference charges are billed, and agree to pay the charges for each caller into the conference, according to the respective access number used. 




Optional conferencing hardware



Yealink CP860 IP Conference Phone from MyNetFone


The Yealink desktop conference phone allows your team to speak naturally and be heard up to 3 metres away. Ideal for meeting spaces and boardroom tables.

  • 5-way conference calling
  • Record to USB
  • 3 metre audio pickup range


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Yealink CP860 IP Conference Phone Range Extending Microphones from MyNetFone


Add a range-extending microphone to your Yealink desktop conference phone. This is recommended for boardrooms and large group conference calling.

  • Extend pickup range by 3 metres
  • Echo cancellation technology
  • Add up to 2 microphones (sold individually)


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> Prices include GST. Shippping charges not included.



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"We used to drive to the office for all our meetings. Now we can just dial-in."

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