13 Inbound Numbers


Get a short phone number that's hard to forget

13 numbers contain just six digits. They are naturally mnemonic and catchy - making them perfect for national advertising and brand-building campaigns. 

13 numbers are shared cost. Callers enjoy an untimed local rate (even if they're out-of-area) and you pay a low 'call collection' fee each time someone rings. 13 numbers are also subject to annual government registration fees.

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13 (short) numbers for business and enterprise



MyNetFone 13 number features:


Divert your 13 number to an Australian mobile, landline or international phone number


Divert to your mobile

Calls to your 13 number can be diverted to a mobile, local landline or overseas number. Charges apply, but it's always free to receive calls on a MyNetFone number.


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BYO 13 number - Active your 13 number with MyNetFone


Purchase from the ACMA

You will need to purchase a 13 number via the government Smart Numbers website (here). MyNetFone will then setup your service on our 13 number plan.


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13 numbers are great value for large organisations



Per month



Rights of Use (ROU) charge

billed annually by the ACMA



Government surcharge

billed annually by the ACMA



5c / minute (call collection fee)

Call diversion charges are extra



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13 number diversion charges


Local / National


Per call (untimed)


Australian Mobile


Per minute (no flagfall)



From 1.9c

Per minute (no flagfall)

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MyNetFone number


Zip. Nada. Nothing-to-pay.




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