1800 (Toll Free) Numbers


Encourage calls with a national free-to-call number

1800 numbers enable callers to reach you at no cost to themselves. Toll free, 1800 numbers eliminate the barrier of call costs, and can encourage callers to stay on the line longer. 

Toll free numbers have a distinct rate structure. The customer pays nothing for the call, and instead, you pay a modest 'call collection' fee each time someone rings. Given the popularity and convenience of 1800 numbers, it is a small price to pay.

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1800 numbers are suitable for professional businesses and enterprise



MyNetFone 1800 number benefits:


Divert your 1800 number to an Australian mobile, landline or international numbers


Divert to mobile (or overseas)

Incoming 1800 calls can be diverted to a mobile number, Australian landline or overseas number. And it's always free to receive calls on a MyNetFone number.


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Bring your 1800 number to MyNetFone


Bring your own numbers

Already own a 1800 number? Keep your existing number when you switch over to MyNetFone. It's typically free to transfer ('port') your numbers from another provider.


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One plan. Great value for every call.



Per month



12c / minute (call collection fee)



Incoming call diversions


Min cost: $79.90 (no contract). Critical information summary.



1800 call diversion charges:


Local / National


Per call (untimed)


Australian Mobile


Per minute (no flagfall)



From 1.9c

Per minute (no flagfall)

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MyNetFone number


Zip. Nada. Nothing-to-pay.




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