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Number porting for business and enterprise - BYO numbers for free 

BYO numbers

Number porting lets you bring all your existing numbers to MyNetFone for free.


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Inbound phone numbers - 1300, 1800 and 13 numbers for business

1300 / 1800 numbers 

Inbound and toll free numbers are a low-cost way to present professionally.


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Local DID numbers - Virtual geographic numbers in Australia

Local / DID numbers 

Virtual DID numbers give you local and custom (gold) numbers from any region.


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Global numbers - International phone numbers for Australian-based businesses

Global numbers 

International numbers available in many countries. Numbers divert to Australia.


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Powerful, flexible numbering solutions



MyNetFone numbers are easy to relocate

Easy to relocate

When your numbers are on the MyNetFone network, they become geo-independant. They will automatically work in any region of Australia. So relocation is a breeze.


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Like to personalise? Gold DID numbers and SMART number hosting are available from MyNetFone

Customise your numbers

Make your numbers memorable. You can get personalised 'gold' DID numbers. Or host your 1300/1800 phone words  purchased through SMART numbers.


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